Monday, August 24, 2009

target toiletries

i'm wearing the same shirt i wore to work yesterday. why? because i can. and i lost my deodorant so i used JJ's. it's old spice. and i don't know why he chooses that crappy blue gel stick. it just covers your armpit in cologne, and little tinges of onion BO smell leak out. basically i stink.

Mr. Steegstra in 405 is a thief. i watch him every morning as he steals the Wall Street Journal from the library. he just walks by my desk, with the WSJ displayed proudly on his walker. and knows that because i am starting at him, he is caught. so he just yells something to try and distract me. like today it was "I NEED MY TOILET PAPER HANGER THINGY FIXED...hmpssbbbbb." you can't fool me Mr. Steegstra.

but here's the real reason for the blog post: we got a new bed as a wedding gift from Mimi and Papa. it's a four-poster beauty, and i want it to look just like the bed in the pottery barn catalog. so i needed embroidered white euro pillows (duh). i found some online at target. so i called both the spokane targets and there were only two left! so i put them on hold. i had to work, so i asked JJ if he could pick up the euro pillows. i also told him to pick up some black pants for himself (target has GREAT menswear, i mean PHENOM menswear).

i don't know what it is about men and target. target is like my dreamy happy place where i can literally get lost for 2 whole hours. and the deals! oh the deals i find at target. JJ and i have this game that whenever i get home from target, i show him new things and he has to guess how much they cost. basically it's such a fun party every time i go to target. when he gets back i'm like "what'd ya get what'd ya get?" and he pulls out, all excitedly, a double pack of old spice deodorant. ok. bored. and that deodorant sucks. what else? out comes a king size pack of mouthwash. OMG come on. NEXT. new toothbrush. WHAT IS THE OBSESSION WITH THE TOILETRIES?! the man LOVES toiletries. i don't get it. so i usually get bored somewhere between the bar of soap and the shaving cream. the great thing about JJ in target is he never spends a ton of money. toiletries are inexpensive. so i usually have no problem sending him there.

well this time, i sent him to pick up the pillows and black pants. i expected him to come home with at least some shampoo and/or toothpaste, but instead, he gets home and goes, "so guess what i got for my present?" (present? wtf?) "ummm....present? i said 'black pants' not 'present' JJ." he said, "well you got the pillows..." and i said, "JJ the pillows are for US, for the BED that we SHARE." he said, "well i wanted something for myself." so i get kind of excited like OMG he actually bought something interesting and not toiletries from target! and he pulls out......

Tiger Woods for the xbox. come on. that's not even cool.


  1. Lacie, I laughed, I cried at this post. You used JJ's deodorant?? GROSS! That's like sharing a toothbrush--I've been married 5 years and I wouldn't do that! I laughed out loud at the description of the Target bargains. I'm SO there with you! And I cried at the bed from Mimi and Papa; I think it's so sweet that Papa signs the cards from both of them. He did that when Natalie was born, too. Gets me every time.

  2. ok, here's an admission & fact: Secret deoderant is the best at getting the job done. It is strong enough for a man! Unscented. I don't give a damn what my mates say. You're spot on about Old Spice gels and their ilk. They suck and only try to cover [i.e. deoderant], not prevent [i.e. anti perspirant]. Secret is no longer my secret. Who cares? e.

  3. i'm a clinical strength secret user......usually.


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