Tuesday, August 11, 2009

when (we think) no one is watching...

we do weird things. do not ever deny it. you know you do. especially if you live alone (ahem...Sam and Moon...and myself at one point). we stare at ourselves naked in the mirror, we run around screaming, we jam out to a spice girls song...all in the comfort of our own home. i remember one particular incident in college when Rah and i were hanging outside our dorm room, which faced another building of Gonzaga housing apartments. we could see right into this girl's room. and this girl, the poor dear, was in her sports bra and a pair of boxers, dancing around, with the windows wide open, every now and then staring at herself in the mirror making "sexy" faces at herself. we laughed, but how painfully embarrassing! she never saw us though.

JJ and i, since living together, have seen one another doing these awkward things. so we now say, "CAUGHT YA BEING WEIRD!!!" whenever this happens.

well, yesterday, i was in a particular mood. JJ was outside grilling a steak (bulghggh) and i saw it as my opportune moment to take the first shower....in a while. i hopped in and washed my hair. started singing, then dancing, it was great. GREAT! then i got out and put on some underwear and a t-shirt that says "practice safe lunch, use a condiment," and started dancing around shouting lyrics and other joyful things, then talking to Cleo, making funny sounds and laughing. i was just being especially crazy. even for me. then i turned around, and there he was: JJ standing with the spatula in his hand just staring at me with a crazed grin on his face.

it takes a lot to embarrass me, but this particular and ongoing demonstration of my phyche really was just plain stupid. STUPID. so i sort of just hung my head in defeat and walked away.

JJ said, "hey L?" i turned around, looking at him, hopeful for forgiveness and a pardon from my own uncomfortable incident..."

caught ya bein weird," he said quietly.

fudgeeeeee. he'll never let me live it down.


  1. I love, love, looove this, Lacie. Nice moment that you put very well into words :) I smiled and laughed.

  2. Aaaaaaaand that would be another one of my t-shirts that you stole from me. That was a Harvest Hop shirt from my senior year.

  3. I was gonna say, wasn't that Meggie's shirt? hahaha I laughed so hard just picturing this story in my mind. And how can you "blghgh" steak?!?!?! ya freak!

  4. thanks for the call out on doing weird things. when the troopah (that's what we'll call him) was here i was like frantically trying to hide anything embarrassing but then i said fudge it and started picking my nose like i normally do.


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