Friday, August 14, 2009

which is the worst?

which thing (from the time span of 7:10-8:00 am) is the worst:

1. i got a call from work late last night. it was one of the receptionists asking if i could cover for her today so she could go on vacation a day early. she was the one who covered for me when i was "sick" when Moon was in town, so i said yes.

2. i wanted coffee this morning before work. i grabbed the magic bullet to grind my beans, and it smelled terribly of garlic. JJ made homemade pesto last night. in the magic bullet. and he used too much garlic. in fact, we had to go to dairy queen to get the garlic taste out of our mouths. but it didn't work. we woke up still reeking of garlic. so i scrubbed the magic bullet. to no avail. so i threw the magic bullet and yelled loudly, then left.

3. i start to pull out of the garage. crunch. get out. JJ's golf clubs. all. broken. called dad and cried.

4. stoped crying, got myself together and drove to work. come around a corner only to see a camouflaged homeless man sleeping on a hill, covered in foilage. i was so shocked that i swerved, nearly giving myself (and said homeless man) a heart attack.

5. got to work. checked voicemail. there is hate mail. "i'm calling to ask why your organization is so sexist!!!!" seriously. whatever that means. we are a non-profit retirement community. how, in any possible way, does that translate to sexist???

6. got a phone call. it went like this:

me: "thank you for calling rockwood, this is L how may i help you?"
scary-voiced person: " Kosova."
me: "how can i help you Vladimir?"
scare-voiced Vlad: ""
me: silent.
Vlad: "for the cocaine and......marijuana....that i sold you."
me: panic. hang up.
me: stare at phone, horrified.



update: woman with mullet at work struck again. i am now the editor of the employee newsletter. so i was trying to think of a clever name for the title. i came up with "The Rock Republic" (love love love!) and she sends me an e-mail. "hmm....i like 'Rockin' at the Rock' or 'Rocky's Bull" Rocky and Bullwinkle! isn't that too cute?"

just please. the idiots i have to deal with.


  1. what the hell! the call for the drugs is by far the worst... wait no. the golf clubs.... wait no..... the garlic breath.

    that is one bad day. in fact, i think it tops Alexander's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

    love you bfff. feel better. xoxo

  2. Either drug call or golf clubs. And M, I was TOTALLY gonna use the Alexander's Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day line! Great minds do think alike I guess! haha love you L, tell Je-Rome I said Wingappo, and have a good day!

  3. Golf clubs. Oops that. How bout "Rock would, Doris Wouldn't"? Generationally appropriate.

  4. HAHAHA Vladimir... I cant even contain my laughter. I am crying at my desk...
    you were right. this is way better than facebook


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