Monday, August 31, 2009


i worked a whopping 62 hour week. i practically work as much as the President.

but it's good. it's ok. because i like clothes.

on friday night i babysat and JJ came over after the kiddles were (supposed to be) in bed, and baby P was playing on the ground with some toys. S was out cold, but just as soon as JJ walked in, baby P cried to be held, and M creeped out of bed. i put the baby in JJ's arms and escorted M back to bed, as she peered beneath her lashes and giggled at JJ. (looks like i need to up my game, eh?) after i tucked M into bed and gave her one last kiss on the cheek, i noticed how silent it was. and i became suspicious of the silence.

i walked down the stairs, and there they were. JJ holding baby P not close to his chest, but away from his body. like he didn't want to hurt her, but he didn't want barf (i don't care what they say, i don't call it "spit-up." if it comes up after a meal and out of your mouth, then it's most definitely barf) on his shirt either. he was looking at her, and baby P was just staring back at him. wide eyed and completely in a trance. i cleared my throat and said, "excuse me, am i interrupting?" JJ exhaled gratefully as he handed the babe back to me. "she is just," he said. "yes, she is, and isn't she just---" interrupted by barf on my neck.

saturday morning i went to work and read about 200 pages. that's it.

then later that night i babysat as well. we watched Bee Movie and right at the part when Barry and Vanessa go to the pasadena parade of roses, i started to get sleepy. then M wanted me to lay in her bed with her until she fell asleep, and so i read my book and started to nod off. after sneaking out of her room, i went downstairs to get a glass of water to wake up and started reading again.

the next thing i know, the parents are walking through the door. i had fallen asleep, straight and stiff under a blanket, with my hands folded peacefully across my chest, my book splayed out on my lap. i probably looked like a vampire taking a nap. i had one eye opened with a sheepish still-dreaming grin as they handed me payment, and home i went. suppose i was a tad tired?

you all know exactly how my day at work on sunday went.

and when i got home i slipped into my "time flies when you're having rum" pirate t-shirt and spent the better part of the afternoon watching movies and ordering JJ around. you see, i decided to groom Cleo. i cut out all of her knots and it was JJ's job to keep the dog from biting me, as well as transferring the removed knots to the trash.

i never stop working. and i can't quite figure out if i am a workaholic. does it count as work when i read for my entire shift? or if i fall asleep on my employers' couch? or if i spend over 2 hours beautifying the dog?


  1. Given the mundane nature of your Rockwood Paper Scissors job, reading does count as working. You were at your desk, right? Ditto the rug rat watch. Cleo grooming is chores. Chores = unpaid work = work. When you can't hand off that little package to its owners, because it's yours and it wants to breastfeed all night, every night, then that's not work, it's skeeo deprivation purgatory........imo

  2. haaaaaaaaaakjfdhahahahahahhaha


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