Saturday, August 22, 2009

wow wow everybody!

wubbzy lives in a tree. he likes to play play play. he's got a bendy tail and he likes it that way.

it's a children's show. and i love it. it's my favorite one. by far. dora can suck it. and ruby from max & ruby is a total bitch. little bear is annoying. olivia is pretty cool, and i kind of like veggietales. but wubbzy rocks the TV!

inevitably, when i'm babysitting and it's "watch a show time," M and S settle into the couch and if they can't decide on a show together, i put on the Wubbster and there are no complaints.

yesterday baby P was crying, and she quite likes the television (what an American!) M and S were gone at a birthday party, so i turned on Wubbzy and let her watch and be happy. but of course i enjoyed it as well. it was a movie event with guest star voice Beyonce! bonus.

well, M and S came home while i was holding baby P, and while Wubb was on the TV. M totally called me out and said, "why do you love Wubbzy so much?" i blinked. and said, "well........i just. oh M, i just like him ok?" she didn't look convinced. i mean, how do you explain to a 5-year-old why you like a yellow fictional cartoon character that resembles a cross between a monkey and a mouse? how you do you explain how your heart just warms when you see the little guy bouncing across the screen? you can't. it's just weird.

but she can't explain to me why she likes to eat her boogers, so i guess we just let each other off the hook--just this once.

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