Saturday, September 5, 2009

bad hair day?

i am sitting at my desk and along comes Dorthea in 444.

she said, "hello there, dear, my phone seems to be on the fritz, could you call maintenance and have them fix it?"

i said, "sure, Dorthea no problem."

she said, "well i can tell you're not feeling well today, are you? so it's no rush."

WTF? i feel fine. so i stand up and look in the mirror. my makeup looks good, clothes look good....WHAT THE HELL?! I LOOK GOOD.

then a maintenance guy walks by and he literally said to me, "what? didn't feel like doing your hair today?" (imbecile)

i looked at myself again. I LIKE MY HAIR TODAY. it's the bedhead look today. ghod people, get with it.

YOU DECIDE: is it that bad? (fun fact: pic was taken in library where i have my lonely lunch everyday)


  1. hair looks like you just had sex and/or rolled out of bed. sorry. but you still look beautiful! xoxo

  2. i really like your head of hair.

  3. well i read your morning ritual... so providing that i know a shower is not involved & its only hairspraying the bed head... nice work

  4. As Uncles Spence, John et al will attest, at least you HAD a hair day. You've got to accentuate the positive & look on the bright side Liz

  5. hahahahahahahhaha

    john doesn't have hair. hahahahhahahahahahaa


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