Tuesday, September 29, 2009

being hit on

yesterday i was hit on. and i mean, i don't really mind being hit on, it boosts my self esteem and makes me feel hot. but it was the weirdest situation i have ever endured. it went like this:

man walks to my desk. picture it: long tangly brown hair, a yellow t-shirt with red and green stripes with some sort of Slavic language printed across the front. he had a man purse and here's the kicker--wait for it-- a GIANT amethyst ring on his left pinky finger. and so it went like this:

L: (in cheery receptionist voice) "hello! how can i help you?"
guy: "hi i'm Robert. i used to work here. i need the head of gardening to fill out this stop work form for me by today or tomorrow, what's your number we should hang out sometime."
L: WTF?!?!?>D>S?DFJDFLHJ "uh, i'm married."
Robert: "so?"
L: awkward laugh.
Robert: "i'm married too...actually i used to be married. it didn't work out."
L: "oh....well...i'll...givethistothegardenerokbye!"

7 minutes later

L: (answering phone) "thank you for calling RSH this is L"
Robert: "hi, i was just in there...? i forgot to leave my contact information..."
L: "ok..."
Robert: "555-5555....don't call me late at night now, ok?"

HOW AWKWARD WAS THAT ENTIRE EXCHANGE?! and why did he have to be weird? why couldn't he have been a cool guy?

i really enjoy the moment when i can sweetly and bashfully say, "oh, i'm married!" and show the guy my ring. it's such a Hollywood movie moment, isn't it? like i always pictured myself being able to say it, but now that it's REAL, it's even more fun! like ha ha you missed out, i'm a catch, yes, i know, but it's too late, i have a wonderful husband who lets me fart in front of him. and i'm never going back to being single ever again.


  1. eeew. did his story check out w/ the gardner? if not, get his license # if there's a next time.

  2. Ahahahahah! I love flashing my ring at guys in the bar. it's the best feeling ever!


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