Sunday, September 6, 2009

cat/dog/husband repercussions

there are repercussions in every relationship. things you must learn to deal with. for instance: the coffee grinds on the kitchen counter EVERY morning. akjersseahrarhhhggg!!!!!

ol Chanel has gotten real grumpy. the poor thing is just lazy and fat and irritated. and Cleo just absolutely loves her. she just wants to play. and i feel like i have to save Chanel from the dog's annoying-ness, but then i capture a moment like the one above, and i think, "ohawww look at the sisters!" Chanel has just GOT to love Cleo even though she roots around in her litterbox, eats her food and pounces on her tail. and JJ and i think she quite likes it when Cleo licks her ears. she starts purring and looks slightly agitated but she has a certain glint of pleasure in her eyes.

Cleo is always getting all the attention, so i try to give ol Nel a little extra love. but yesteday while i was giving her the love, she threw up. in our room. i screamed to JJ, "COME QUICK! NOW!" and he came running in and said, "what?! WHAT?! what is the matter?!" and i said, "Chanel just threw up...can you clean it up?" and he said, "where? i don't see it?" and i said, "...oops, looks like you're stepping in it."

but really we hardly even bat an eyelash these days when something spills on the carpet. we know that after we move out of our dear and beloved MH, they will take our entire deposit and rip up and replace the carpet. there is no way all of the puppy/cat/JJ stains will ever come out. Rah and Nebular let us borrow their special carpet cleaning machine, and it didn't even faze our crap carpet. we have become a wonderful team when cleaning up the stains. nowadays when we see a dog tinkle spot, or cat barf or if the lid to a fry sauce falls wet side up on the carpet, one of us lazily scoops up the mess, and the other grabs the spot shot. all of this is done in less than 3 minutes and is sychronized and in silence.

and when we have guests i scrub the litterbox until it's clean enough to eat from...actually not. that's disgusting...but i clean it realllllly well. and we put extra glade plug-ins with names like "dewey meadow" and "clean laundry" around the house, and buy fresh flowers so it's nice and pleasant. (you're welcome, guests of mine).

animals (JJ included) leave stains. and they're smelly. that is part of the package. but it's all worth it when i see those little faces one of top of the other, posing perfectly like a coupla cheerleaders for the camera. they are our little lovies.


  1. You should be as nice to JJ as you are to Cleo and Chanel. I'll bet you don't happily scrub his "litter box"!

  2. Ahhh, Spot Shot, it's the shiz, aint it? Just wait until the kids start eating on your white wedding duvet. Ask Mimi, white couches are great looking on the showroom floor, but oh, they stain.


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