Saturday, September 26, 2009

it's all Cleo's fault.

i have given up on jazzercise...kind of. i have started a new regimen: i wake up 15 minutes earlier and take Cleo for a walk to end of Spring Creek and back. this morning she peed 3 times AND took a huge dump (which i picked up and put in my neighbors garbage tee hee). it's exercise for me and C, and is great for emptying her out!!!

as i have mentioned before, our house has smells like dog pee with glade noticeables covering up the smell. we tried everything. carpet cleaner, baking powder, arm&hammer pet odor remover...also, i have been through 4 eyeliner pencils in the last week. the damn dog loves to chew eyeliner pencils.

so our newest conquest: we bought Cleo a baby gate to lock her in the kitchen which is quite large and roomy for a tiny pup. if she pees in the kitchen, we can clean it up much easier than the carpet, not to mention my eyeliner pencils are safe. i elevated Chanel's litterbox to prevent almond roca treats for Cleo, and put all of the dog's toys, her bed and a few bones in there with her. well yesterday, i decided to test the baby gate for the first time. i put her in there so i could real quick paint my fingernails (sally hansen EVER). i have to keep my fingernails painted because of the bum door-slam f-you looks like a corpse fingernail when left unpainted. so i put Cleo in the kitchen, and went around the corner to paint. i hear the dog try to scratch her way out. "ha ha," i thought, "you are stuck." and i continued painting. then i heard: she slowly and deliberately backed up and then head butted the gate at full speed, knocking it down sucessfully. HOW IS THAT REAL? i have the dumbest dog in history but she knows how to knock down a baby gate. my nails are wet (insta-dry is not THAT instant) and i try to put the gate back up, and i ended up messing up my nails. just when i start to think Cleo isn't the dumbest dog ever, i see her run for cover. this is where she went:

the shower. back to being the dumbest dog ever.

i was running late to work, so i glared at her and said, "i'll get you next time..." and she tilted her head and wagged her tail.

i got to work, went about my business feeding baby P...........and my bum fingernail falls off.

it's all Cleo's fault.


  1. Why don't you just buy Cleo a crate? Dogs really do love to be crated and then she can't pee all over the house!

  2. she had a crate. and she had a panic attack and threw up in it and had to sit in her own barf all day. and of course we never crated her again. my dog is seriously messed up.

  3. sally hansen insta-dry is seriously like magic. i want to throw out all other polishes and stock up on insta-dry.


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