Tuesday, September 22, 2009

an ode to JJ

it was Dee's 88th birthday yesterday. i bought her a coffee mug with a big enough "D" on it so she could distinguish it from anyone else's. her husband passed away a few years ago, and she talks about him everyday. the other day Dee and i went to lunch, and she told me, "L, you must kiss your husband everyday and tell him how much you love him."

poor JJ gets all kinds of teasing via my blog. i just can't help but write about his doofusness. but today i will list some reasons why i love the man.

1. he sings Michael Jackson in the shower.
2. he cooks.
3. his great legs! woot woot!
4. the way he looks while sleeping

5. when he opera sings normal sentences. like "pleaseeee haaand me the remooooote!"
6. his favorite comfortable outfit: white basketball shorts and an ugly old blue adidas hooded sweatshirt. no t-shirt underneath. just bare chest and the sweatshirt.
7. he has nicknames for everyone in the world.
8. when he asks me to fasten his cuff links for him.
9. he doesn't get mad at me for shopping!!!
10. his love for all things Chevy Chase
11. his fear of spiders. ha ha
12. his appreciation for a good ice cream sandwich
13. his athleticism...
14. he keeps a hockey stick next to the bed to "protect" me.
15. he always gets me flowers.
16. he lets me dress him.
17. two and a half men is his favorite show.
18. he even likes me in my 12 and under softball t-shirt
19. he loves my family.
20. most importantly: because he is my favorite person.

i love ya JJ! sorry i embarrass you and exploit your hilarious idiocracy on the worldwide web!

forever yours,


  1. Aww, this is so cute! I guess hanging out w/ old folks all day does give you some perspective. I think I need to make a mental list of reasons I love my hubby, too!

  2. His athleticism....... bbbaaahahahahhdlfkalkdjfkdjfkasdjflkldkfjld....

  3. hey hey hey M. we are quite the pair of athletes.

  4. your children are screwed. also, does he sleep with his mouth open??

  5. JJ is a good sport. he and Jack have something in common. Apparantly both can't stop 'til they get enough of the gloved one's repetoire. he'll be thrilled to hear about the way it makes JJ feel. Jack, too, thinks you can't beat it [MJ's work], whether you're billie jean king or some lucky schmo in Spokane. JJ, he'll want to rock with you, so be prepared at the next family get together. His shower repetoire is extensive, but "Smooth Criminal" has had some extended play time and staying power. "The girl is mine" even has him listening to PM&Wings. be well


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