Sunday, September 13, 2009

pretty nice little saturday.

today is sunday. and i have nothing better to do than sniff sharpie markers, which, i learned in 7th grade health class are "inhalants" and could cause severe brain damage. each working day that passes seems to get more boring than the last. i just try to think back to a time when facebook was still an accessible website at work. SIGH. that's what i need. a job at facebook. i bet facebook and co. doesn't block facebook from their employee computers.

yesterday Rah and i took an afternoon off from our significant others and dogs, who we left in front of a big screen TV watching football. SEE YA LATER. we went shopping, and miraculously found a rack on which everything hanging from it was....this is real....$1.97!

then we saw this little pet store that had dog halloween costumes in the window, so we stopped in. i looked to the left and saw a sign advertising pot bellied pigs, and when i turned to look at Rah, something caught my eye and i said, "is that..??" "yes, she said. that is a squirrel in a cage for sale." obviously we GTFOOT. nothing, not even a clever marketing quip could get me to buy a pot bellied pig or a squirrel.

then we stopped into this place called "Uncle's Gaming" because Rah wanted to buy Taboo, and i phase10 (ha ha ha JJ). when we walked in, there was literally a nerd/creepy/not a chance in hell they have wives or girlfriends convention going on. a tournament of sorts, with pokemon/digimon/douchemon cards. we stopped and we stared. like, was this really happening? on a saturday afternoon, this is really what these people do? i mean, the loves of our lives were at home vegetating on the couch watching beefed up college men toss around the pigskin, but come on, that's a given man right. playing "cards" with fictional characters printed on them just isn't acceptable. i can imagine what the rooms of these "men" look like; filled with model airplanes, robots, posters of Spock...and probably one of the squirrels we saw earlier. i felt sad for them. i wanted to help them to get a life. they were so engrossed in their ridiculous game that they didn't even notice two hot women were staring at them (i.e. me and Rah). we finally left, but i couldn't help thinking that by the grace of God i could be in their position. i said a quick prayer, thanking the Lord for making my interests farts, facebook and $1.97 racks.

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