Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the real first day of fall

Rah and i went to dinner and a show last night! TapDogs! we had salad, crab, salmon and a bottle of wine for dinner and accidentally got to the show 10 minutes late. but it was totally great. Rah whispered to me about one of the performers, "he must be Jewish, he's wearing a yamaka..............OMG NEVERMIND HE'S BALD" and we couldn't control our fits of laughter. it was fun

today is the real first day of fall in spokane. like it's finally cold. like it's time to put up my autumn wreath, and i wore outerwear for the first time on my walk with Cleo.

and i farted this glorious fall morning and it smelled exactly like the crab, salmon and wine combo working it's unmistakable magic on my body. JJ comes up and says, "MY GOD! it's like a bug repellent!" and i said, "it smells like bug repellent? that's weird." he said, "no, it acted as a bug repellent. it smells like a honeybucket." oy.

and here's the best piece of advice i've gotten in a long time. at work, from Bernie in 624: "when you get older......don't get older." thanks for that gem Bern.

also, there is renovation going on at work...in the lobby. so the doors are open, a jackhammer is going, and i'm getting pretty high on paint fumes. i would say that it's all really cramping my style, but i basically have no tasks today, so i can't complain. i shall be happy as a clam with my sweater hood up, leaning back in my chair, and breathing deeply.

also, the library is blocked off. therefore my sanctuary is off limits for today. so i did it....i moseyed on into the employee breakroom and discovered that, at 9:30 in the morning, the "snack" of choice is a grouping of potato chips and mountain dew. HELLO HEART ATTACK.

you know, the first real day of fall has been a little weird.

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