Friday, September 25, 2009

the second best day ever.

there was a time in my life, junior year, when i had no friends, no boyfriend, no one...(see the post about the things i did when i lived alone). i truly felt GU wasn't the place for me. so what did i do? i went to pullman every weekend of course. i even applied to WSU and was ready to transfer schools, much to the dismay of my UW parents. i grew up a husky. so they were all heartbroken. but i would have been so behind i would have graduated late, and basically my time at GU would have been a waste of 75 thousand dollars or so. i ended up staying, i now firmly believe, rightfully at GU.

but there was that time when i had a little cougar in me. and cougars are crazy. like crazy. even ask LJ. i threw a fit when she forced me into husky gear that one time at apple cup. you can be a husky all your life, but get cougar in you and everything spirals out of control. the cougars know how to party.

FOR THE RECORD: i now realize that: i effing hate football. so i could give a shiste less if the huskies or cougars won.

however, i shall never forget: the second best day ever. (the first best is not blog/parent/grandparent friendly)

and so it begins...

it is a t-shirt that still holds precedence in my closet: the WSU baseball tee with a greasy-ish mustard-y stain on it. i love that t-shirt. Sam let me borrow it once, and the rest is history. that shirt is filled with stories that will probably haunt me for the rest of my life.

Sam and i went to Seattle to meet KKiss for her birthday celebration at the Justin Timberlake concert (YEAHH) but not before we made a stop at a WSU tailgating party. jeans, "the t-shirt" and greasy hair. add sunflower seeds, screaming drunk fans and beer to the mix and you've got yourself a pretty nice day.

we pulled into the tailgating party. nice n early. Sam got herself a jack and coke (tres delish before noon) and i started with a beer. before we knew it, we had switched sunglasses and made friends with married men in the porta-potty line. we were nice and sloshy, an embarrassing array of drunken acts. the hours passed, and eventually everyone went into the game.

Sam and i didn't have tickets. so once everyone left, we went around to the coolers and stole other people's alcohol. STOLE. it was around this time when i was turned around talking to Sam and walking, that i ran into an F-150's review mirror. down. for. the. count. Sam peed her pants laughing at me and i was rubbing my head when she cruelly snapped my picture. there i was...laying on the ground because i ran into a review mirror (not the first time...that was in yakima...age 14. and it was a motorhome review mirror...sober and therefore even worse)...see below. it wasn't until after we saw the picture that we realized i had landed in someone else's pee.

after i recovered, we realized how late the hour was. HOLY! we had to be at the JT concert in Tacoma in less than 3 hours. so we went to a blurry lunch where i had clam chowder (WTF? it was like 85 degrees out and i was sweaty) and Sam ate ribs know to be honest, i truthfully cannot remember. and we drank water. water water water. tons of it. sobered up. drove to Tacoma. got "ready" in the car (i.e. me in a black skirt and sequins tube top, Sam in a silver, yes silver dress.) we were exhausted by this point and haggard messes. we got out of the car and sure enough, first female to walk by calls me a slut because of said tube top. i screamed at her something rude...and Sam and i laughed. and this is what we looked like at the concert....just so you can have an idea of how appalling life was at this point:

so obviously the only thing we could do: go into the bathroom and put airplane shots in our diet cokes. . .then it was naptime during the concert. you know, all i remember from that concert was that nicole richie was there with a nordstrom bag. public apology to KKiss for being an embarrassment on her special day.

that night we stayed with LJ. and the next morning we arose, recounted our stories, and went to breakfast. and our service was terrible. they never brought Sam's food and we waited for an hour for them to come back and fill our water glasses. they never did. so we left like 7 dollars and left. we dined and dashed! then for about 10 miles, we kept looking over our shoulders for the feds. (this is what happens to nice, law abiding small town folk when forced to do something unlawful)

on the way home:

we calculated the amount of money we spent during the entire weekend: $15 each. hahahahahahahahaah how does one survive on 15 dollars for an entire weekend? we got free food and drink all weekend. hey, if we could do that, then the homeless have nothing to complain about. all they need is a cougar t-shirt and they would be welcomed like brethren into the WSU fanbase.

we laughed and declared it "The Second Best Day Ever!"

then i reached under my car seat and found more of the booze we stole from the coolers.

the point of this blog is not (really) about glorifying my college days. more about sharing the magic that happens at a WSU outing. i still wear the purple and gold during a husky game or two, as i was born and raised a dawg. but the whisper of crimson and gray still floats by me every now and again as i remember the mystical allure that WSU and its henchmen once presented me.

thank you Sam, KKiss and friends. i will never forget the good times i had with your kind.


  1. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! OMG this WAS the second best day ever. there are probably soo many little things that we can't remember/didn't even realize happened. and i drove by that restaurant while i was in seattle, its no longer in business so i think we're in the clear as far as the dine and dashing goes. is this the trip where i got the giant pepperoni stick from the shell at like 8am? i'm an appalling human!

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pepp stick. gaggggggggg!!!!!!!

  3. YOU ARE RIGHT, THIS IS NOT FOR A GRANDPARENT. But did you know that both your mother and I while in college (albeit 25 years apart) chugged a pitcher of beer -- no NOT the same pitcher. We are both famous. And she will deny it! So been there, done that! I personnaly think you guys are whooses!

  4. OMG MY MOTHER CHUGGED A PITCHER OF BEER?!?!?!?! was this the 21 run she went on with my dad?? on my 21st bday i asked her, "so what did you do for yours?" and she said, "i had my head out the window at your dad's house barfing" hahahahahjkhahahahAHHhahahaha honest and true, ma. honest and true.

  5. wsu is an awesome and wonderful place! and you LOVED it there:) you would trust anyone, random people would give you a drink, a shot, their turkey leg on the street at applecup and you would consume it like you were long time friends. ah i miss those days.

  6. who could forget the turkey leg? you all screamed in tandem, as i brought it to my mouth...."NOOOOO!!!!" hahaha

  7. It is stories like this that need to be shared. I cannot describe the agony i feel inside when someone is like.. WSU is lame, whats the big deal about it? Why are all cougs so obsessed? ..... it is happenings like this... Being a coug is indescribable. Pullman is my Disneyland!

    GO COUGS!!!

  8. I agree with Kiki.

    It is one thing to be raised a Coug, ie. brainwashed as an innocent child. But to willfully choose to support that institution as an adult! This was definitely a low point.

    P.s. I will never forget the fear I felt for your life when you called to say "We're driving to the concert." OMG I think received aprox. 18,9839 drunk dials that day.


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