Monday, September 28, 2009

the things i do great and the things i do not great

my yearly report at work.

i have: excellent customer service/attitude
i am: a quick learner and excellent communicator
it's great that i: was willing to take on employee newsletter (which is going to be fantastic by the way!!!!)

i have exceptional public contacts, employee contacts and planning and organizing skills.

and most importantly, i got an "exceptional" in grooming and dress. little do they know i do not shower, and therefore cannot have exceptional grooming skills...but HEY! YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU I WILL TAKE AN EXCEPTIONAL IN DRESS.

here is what i need to work on: being here by 7:30. i got a satisfactory in observance of work hours and attendance. oopsie daisies. not even a "very good"...i had all that time off this summer for wedding things (!!!) and i have a hard time getting to work on time. but i told myself "self you need to try harder." so try harder i have. i mean i don't want to get an "improvement needed" or EGADS! an "unsatisfactory" next year.

and since i have started getting up 15 minutes earlier to walk the dog (i.e. for 2 days), it hasn't been too difficult to get to work on time. until today. this morning my alarm when off at 6:15 and it WAS PITCH BLACK OUTSIDE. HELLSSS NO I'M NOT GETTING UP IN THE DARK. snooze for 15. wake up at 6:30. still decide to take Cleo for a walk. REALIZE HOW LATE IT IS rush to get dressed. blouse gets caught in hook and eye of pencil skirt. scream at JJ to fix it. he declares he will not fix it until i talk nice. sigh heavily and dramatically. apologize to JJ for being "mean" he works on relieving blouse from hook and eye for too long. i scream again. he pouts again. i apologize again. he unhooks the blouse. ALAS! run to kitchen. throw some PB&J on bread, put tea in travel coffee mug "seeyalaterhaveagooddayjjbyeloveyou"

i get to work a whopping 5 minutes late. DAMN. i hurry down the hallway and run into Stan in 406. he is very prompt and times my schedule with his own. like if he comes out of the elevators and i'm sitting at my desk he smiles and says hello. if he comes out of the elevator and i am just getting to my desk he smiles and says "ooh, just on time." or today....he got off the elevator and i wasn't there. so he walked down the hallway to meet me. just so he could frown and say, "you're late."

THANKS STANNNNNNNNN kasjdfljksadfdauo9wejlkfd

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  1. i can see how Stan would great [sic]. try to have jj walk cleo next and be standing in the outer doorjamb of 406 with your tea. scare the bejesus out of the old bus driver/conductor.


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