Monday, September 14, 2009

things in the night

Moon and i discovered a new show on Greek. and we are both so addicted to it. i have watched 20 episodes in a week. pah-thet-ic. it has caused me to stay up a litttttle later than usual to watch it. consequently, JJ has been falling asleep before me. and he NEVER falls asleep before me. in fact, i can't fall asleep if he's already asleep. so i get annoyed and make him wake up so i can fall asleep. it's totally selfish, i know.

last night was our first date night since our honeymoon (how lame are we?) and when we got home, we hopped into bed. JJ watched the game and i put on Greek. 9:04 pm and JJ has Garfield eyes (you know the ones? half closed on the brink of sleep). and i'm like COME ON JJ it's 9:04, wake up! and he's all EXCUUUUSE ME BUT I'M TIRED. I DON'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR YOU. so i was like FINE I'LL PAUSE GREEK BUT I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. and so we were both out cold by 9:30.

note: when JJ goes to bed that early, he always wakes up in the night and has to pee then can't get back to sleep.

last night he was so jumbled and disoriented that he was hanging out in the living room in the middle of the night. i woke up and noticed he was gone and yelled "JJ WHERE ARE YOU?!" he said, "i'm going pee" and i was like "no you're not, you're in the living room." and he said, "oh" and went to the bathroom. and since i yelled, i was awake. so i got up to pee. i sat down on the toilet and the single most ANNOYING THING IN LIFE startled me: so i screamed at JJ, "HAVE YOU NO RESPECT FOR MY ASS?!" and as soon as i said it i knew it was funnier than i meant it to be. and he laughed and laughed. then i couldn't sleep because i was too hot so i got up and opened the sliding glass door. and when the sliding glass door is open in the night, JJ gets all scared and convinced of certain death via bum with knife. so he got up and shut it 2 minutes later. then Cleo and Chanel got all hyper because they thought we were up and ready to rock n' roll and i'm like OMG CAN WE PLEASE STOP THIS CIRCUS.

we finally fell asleep somewhere around 3 am.

then i dreamt of tigers writing resumes. wtf?


  1. yes. the rhythm of life is quite different in the middle of the night. good blog.

  2. more importantly was he peeing in the living room?! do not let him blame the dog...

  3. tigers writing resumes !!!!!!!!

  4. Oh... I guess this is a little passe now, but TIGERS WRITING RESUMES?!?!!????? How? Why? Calvin and Hobbs or Bengal?

  5. begal tigers rah. BENGALS!!!!! writing resumes!!!!!


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