Tuesday, September 22, 2009

today is a day of life

it's the first day of fall and i'm proud to say that i'm wearing a dress, bright yellow shoes, and a jacket with a flower print. and i'm burping up the delicious chili cheese bread that CP made. it is a gooooood day.

i'm sad to report that i am 100% caught up on Greek (including the episode that aired last night) and i feel somewhat lost. my mother told me she's glad i'm caught up. she was beginning to worry about my obsession. however, my dear followers, i know that you too have been watching a little Greek. i mean, what girl doesn't want a little Cappie for herself??


Ann in 507 told me that i was the most beautiful person in the world. Roy in 637 was passing and replied, "youth...it's a wonderful thing." to which Ann said, "but it goes. it goes fast." now i feel sad. i am constantly reminded of how precious life really is. death is so common here, and it's heartbreaking, but it's life. my job, even when it drives me absolutely insane, has taught me so much about the importance of making each and every day count.

as a young newlywed, thinking about the end of life isn't something that would frequent one's mind. but it's important that we appreciate our loved ones every single day! even if your loved ones are a ratdog and an obese cat. but seriously, life is fleeting, don't waste (too much of) your time being frivolous. every day is a treasure.

okay, i'm totally on my period, forgive me if that was too sappy. back to my list of things for today:

buy Cleo a sweater. when she goes out to potty in the morning, her little knobby knees knock (alliteration, yes!) together, and she looks so pitiful. plus, i think a sweater might detract from the hideousness that it her haircut.

invest in his and hers electric toothbrushes.

look (not very seriously, but kind of seriously) for jazzercize class to join.

buy power cat hair remover. i'm starting to think my mom was right about the white couch and Chanel combo...

have a glass of wine.

the end.


  1. you should move glass of wine to the beginning... it always makes completing the rest of the list more fun

  2. hahahahahahah!!! seriously! i think maybe i will.

  3. Jazzercise!?!? You are spending too much time with 80 year olds. You might as well sign up for water aerobics. bhahaahah.

  4. liz, your alliteration of cleo's knobby knees knocking probably, FYI, put you on the radar screen of the NSA, FBI, SPLC & SWC, but it was a good message. a good day. sarah is spot on. have keek buy you a cat/dog/punk-proof slip cover for you BBWC [big beautiful white couch]. ruthie is really digging YMCA Zoomba class [aka jazzed up jazzercise].


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