Friday, September 25, 2009

turkey problems

today is not my proudest day.

i had spaghetti for breakfast, had a cow because grey's anatomy wasn't available for viewing on (was later found on hulu, thank GOD), and........well......i hissed at a turkey.

let me just start by saying i was in a foul mood. i got spaghetti sauce on our sheets because i ate spaghetti for breakfast in bed. it was my own fault, but it was what started the foul-ness. i paused grey's anatomy (i know i's so dumb that i even still care about that show) to grab the stainstick, just as Cleo started barking uncontrollably. so i cursed and went to see what was the matter. and there it was. a wild turkey right outside the kitchen window. i don't know what the turkey obsession is with Spring Creek but they are there all the time!

i wanted to get back to my show and my spaghetti, so i did the only thing i could do: (afterall, i WAS wearing just underwear, i couldn't go out there and chase the damn thing) i hissed at the turkey. i hissed loudly and proudly and violently. the turkey looked me in the eye and walked away. "hah!" i thought, "nice job L!" then i stared at myself in the mirror with bewilderment. "DID YOU JUST HISS AT A TURKEY? HISS?!??!!"

i still feel foolish, but let me just ask this: what would YOU do to get rid of a wild turkey? huh?


  1. i would have resorted to the universal tactic of scaring animals away: screaming loudly while waving my arms wildly... said actions are more effective if you have something in your hand like pots you can bang together.

  2. why get rid of them? what did they ever do to you except teach you to keep the garage door shut?


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