Saturday, October 17, 2009

all i ever wanted was a vacation

if i had it my way i wouldn't work. i would just stay home and take baths in 100 dollar bills.

on Tuesday i had a mini panic attack. after i took off 8+ weekends from work for wedding, etc.... then another week for my honeymoon, i sent an email to my boss thanking her for understanding and "i'm back on normal schedule! no more time off i promise!" why did i have to say "i promise" ??

well now i need a weekend in November off to escort the family i babysit for, to a wedding in Santa Barbara! (YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU!) as well as time off in December for a Christmas celebration in Hawaii/Camarillo.

back to Tuesday. i was texting like a madwoman to JJ and my mom, asking for advice on how to get the time off without actually having to quit my job/get fired. i know i had some paid vacation time left, and a few sick days stacked i emailed my boss and asked how much time i had left. she told me the hours i had, and i calculated that my sick days plus vacation days bareeeeely cover my California weekend getaway and my Christmas holiday vacation. but even if they didn't, i've said it before and i'll say it again--I WOULD QUIT MY JOB BEFORE I WORKED ON THE BEST EVER DAY OF THE YEAR.

so i knew my days just barely covered my trips, all i had to do was request the days off. i am constructing a written request for the time off, when in strolls my favorite big-bellied, cross-eyed custodian smirking like he had a wonderful secret. i said jovially, "what wonderful secret do you have hiding behind that smirk?" he said, "i have six weeks of paid vacation time stacked up. isn't that awesome?" the smile faded from my face and i furrowed my brow and just stared at him. "indeed." i wanted to slap that smirk off his face for having 6 weeks of paid vacation when i'm barely scrapping by to earn Christmas with my family.

from here until the end of the year, i cannot get sick. because i have already used all my sick days for Christmas. while this custodian gets 6 weeks. SIX WEEKS. i asked him what he was planning to do for 6 weeks, and of course he rubs his belly and looks at me with his good eye and says, "road trip to go huntin and campin in Montana." just please. i almost had to vomit.

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