Tuesday, October 6, 2009

and she strikes again...

my day yesterday consisted of impolite and discourteous incidents.

example one:

i was calmly sitting at my desk, doing my job, and The Poop Nazi with the mullet waddles out of her office at an alarming rate. usually when she emerges from her office, she toddles slowly, humming showtunes obnoxiously like an idiot, so that everyone is aware of her presence. not yesterday. she came like a midget mullet storm to my desk and growled at me to get out the guest reservation book (no "please" was involved). there was a discrepancy with the rooms, and she sighed heavily, saying "all i do is other people's jobs...this isn't part of MY job description." she was shuffling rooms around and switching people. i kindly pointed out that there were two room reservations with people having the same last name. she continued to pound her fist on the reservation book and scream at me, "BE QUIET L, I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!" i turned away from her with my eyes wide open in shock. i didn't dare say another word. after the problem was solved, she said, "i didn't mean to snap at you, but i knew what i was doing, and you were saying 'no, you're wrong nyah nyah nyah,' and it was frustrating." (the nyah nyah nyah is her mocking me by the way). then she continued, "i have been going nonstop all day from 7 until 1, running around doing everyone else's jobs. i haven't had any time to sit." i was still in shock, so i just said, "ok..." and she walked away. then i almost cried. i mean, she never said "sorry." and it was so rude. and i can't complain to HR because she works directly with the CEO. so i just have to take the unjust treatment with a ginormous grain of salt. but HERE'S THE CLINCHER: after she complained about her horrible, awful hard day of running around and no time to sit...i mean literally 2 minutes after she goes back to her office, i get a CHAIN LETTER E-MAIL from her that's a stupid thing with like pictures of cats holding ice cream cones and hearts and is all "you're a valuable friend, if you know 10 women who are your friend, please forward this e-mail, if i don't get this back, i'll know the truth...blah blahhhh." a chain letter. really?!?! she's sooooo busy, but has time to spend on forwarding useless personal e-mails. needless to say, i didn't send the "friendship e-mail" back.

example two:

i go to babysit at 3 pm. S says to me, "i don't want to be nice to you biggest ever dodoo stinkyhead." charming!

the difference?

S apologized and said, "can i get you a glass of water?" (that's what i calls service!) and then when i tucked him into bed he said, "goodnight i love you L."

The Poop Nazi could learn a lesson or two from the 4-year-old.


  1. wow. i think something else is up with PN's life. some heretofore unknown source of stress - 5 will get you 10. there's almost always an explanation. you hang in there Liz

  2. she is so mean. i hope karma pays her a visit

  3. She's a real biddy, obviously, and an idiot as well, but a nazi? Please. I wish people would stop tossing that word around like it's nothing. It's not like this sour old bat runs concentration camps and commits slavery/torture/massacres. But aside from that issue, I agree with you otherwise, she's a real insufferable idiot, and the best way to show lack of intelligence is to pass around stupid chain letters, especially after giving you the freezing shoulder. It isn't even a personal email, it was a canned friendship spam, so that would've been a further insult on top of what that airhead already did. Yes, she could learn some manners from the four-year-old.

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  5. sarah...you are not who i thought you were...WHO ARE YOU?!?!

  6. again, find the key to unlock SOB's heart. turn her away from the dark side. dig deeper and you'll understand something key to accopmplishing that end. still, it doesn't mean that end will include inheriting her with 30 more IQ points if you turn her your way. be realistic. after all, you're not shooting for the moon, rather inner peace.


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