Saturday, October 17, 2009

being healthy is hard

i have stopped drinking pop (soda for you weirdos). i have started drinking sparkling water. and it really subsides the craving for pop! it's so great. and i have been eating an apple a day. AND i have only bought ONE BAG OF THE BEST THING IN LIFE (CANDY CORN) this season. i ALSO looked up jazzercise in Spokane and plan on calling on Monday to sign up. here is the website if you don't believe me:

pat on the back, self. you could say that i'm on a healthy kick.

on Thursday i was feeling like a nice wife, so i hopped in the car with Cleo and headed to Soulful Soups, the best best best soup joint ever, to surprise JJ with a healthy warm lunch. i parked on the street then realized i just put all my change in the honeymoon pig (even though the honeymoon is over, we still put our change in there. i guess it just makes us feel good that we're being good "savers"). i rooted around the car and found: 1 dime under my seat, 1 nickel covered in grime in the cupholder and another nickel in the glovebox. yes! this gave me exactly 10 minutes of meter time. and it was 11:40, the lunch rush hour! so i ran across the street and smiled as i skipped toward the soup shop. then i stopped cold. for there, right before my eyes, was Soulful Soups, with a sign on the door that said "CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS" and the windows were all blacked out. WHAT THE HELL KIND OF SOUP SHOP CLOSES FOR RENOVATIONS IN THE FALL? LIKE COME ON, THE FALL IS THEIR BUSIEST TIME. NOBODY WANTS HOT SOUP IN THE SUMMER, YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE YOUR RENOVATIONS THEN. IDIOTS. so i stamped my foot and said "FUDGE" and ran back to the car. the meter still said 10 minutes. sdlfsljdflsfd

so i decided i would go to the next best healthy place: High Nooner for a delish sandie. i had to circle the block and do all sorts of twisty turn moves in my car because of all the HELLISH ONE-WAYS downtown. when i finally got there, i parked on the street and BLAST IT! I FORGOT I HAD NO CHANGE. I USED ALL OF IT TO PARK AT SOULFUL SOUPS WHICH WAS A WORTHLESS 10 MINUTES BECAUSE THEY WERE CLOSED. so i screamed inside my car and Cleo's ears went down and flat because she thought i was yelling at her. i said sorry and patted her head.

then i went to the Best Place In The World where you don't have to pay for parking. you just sit delightfully inside your car and order your food through the window, and they even give your dog a free treat...this place of wonder is D'Lish. got 2 cheeseburgers (mine without the patty of course), a large fry, 4 containers of fry sauce and a large Mountain Dew. healthy, eh?


  1. wow, i never realized the inland empire had so many best places in the world. btw - what did JJ get to eat? wasn't that the errand that the good wife set out on? you got soup notseed. no soup for you!

  2. next time i'm in spoke you're taking me to all these places! especially d'lish!!


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