Sunday, October 11, 2009


the residents all share an email account here at work. so daily i print out pictures of toothless kindergarteners, 8-year-old playing soccer and babies with cake on their faces. i print out emails in size 18 font (so the residents can read them) that say things like "MOM, IT IS JAY. IT WAS GOOD TO SEE YOU LAST WEEKEND. MY HOW THE WEATHER IS CHANGING." etc. etc. clearly i look at all pictures and read all emails. i mean.....come on.

anyway, a the son of a resident came to my desk asking about the e-mail procedure. i simply told him that we check about twice daily and we print them out whenever we get one. he asked, "do you even print them out on sunday?" and i said, "yes, yes i do. that's me because i always work sundays." apparently he thought highly of me because this is the next email he sent to his mother:

I also took the time to look at RW's email procedures and they are pretty robust. The woman who does the lion's share of the work is named Lacie. Though new-to-me, she "knows" you from the email that you get. Lacie works 4 days/week... Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue. She gets in at 0700 and usually is printing email by around 0830. She is not much older than your oldest great-grandchildren so that probably means she is a facebook and twitter and texting freak. I believe she prints twice-a-day. She has no trouble with embedded or attached pictures and she always prints your pictures in color. Lacie gives the printed output to the nursing staff for further dissemination. And Lacie won't care if the message spills over to a second page.

i mean, WOW. LOOK AT ME! i do "the lion's share" of the work around here. i'll take the compliment! and i get here at 0700, not 0738! and right you were, i AM a facebook freak! this guy made me sound absolutely fantastic. the way he embellished me was quite lovely.

at least one person in this building will know how hard i work. even if she is 85 and has dimentia.

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  1. i just hope her oldest great-grandchild isn't that creepy guy who hit on you and his granddad, the sone, was on a qt recon mission.


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