Saturday, October 3, 2009

growing up.

i'm a big girl now. i.e. married and out of college. recently i have removed the burden of my cell phone bill and health insurance from my parents. they still pay for my car insurance.....but that's a different story for a different day.

because i have to pay my own cell phone bill now, i have removed the "smart" from my smartphone. my blackberry died last week, and i wanted an iphone because i'm a technological follower. but i just couldn't justify spending 100 of my own precious dollars on a phone bill every month. i would much rather save that cash for trendy-izing my closet. duh. so i opted for this cool pink phone! it does everything i need but let me go on the internet to update my facebook status. SIGH.

because i work 2 part-time jobs, one of which i don't have to pay taxes on, i don't get insurance coverage. so i had to purchase my own plan. i wanted to just go without the insurance for a while, but my insurance salesman of a father said no. so i just sent in the check for the first two months of health insurance...TWO HUNDRED AND TEN DOLLARS. what a crock. i told my dad that his people are theives.

and i'm sorry to say, but i kind of want to jump out of a tree and break my arm, just so i could get my money's know? but couldn't you picture it? i would be laying there, in agonizing pain, screaming for someone--anyone, and i would think to myself, "self, you need to update your status on facebook in order to get some would say: "Lacie is laying on the ground with a broken arm, will someone please come pick me up and take me to the hospital plz?? thnx" BUT THEN I WOULD REALIZE...GASP! my phone isn't smart anymore! i cannot update my facebook status. then i would die there in the grass. from a broken arm and broken dreams.

i mean, it's a little bit dramatic. but still. growing up and making cuts is tough.

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  1. I'd say $100 for insurance is actually quite a bargain! Most employers make you pay a premium that's at least that much.


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