Saturday, October 31, 2009

a halloween scare

i babysat last night, and i always have to talk to someone when i'm on my way home from work. since Moon is in Vegas, the time difference isn't right. and all my other friends are in seattle together having a blast. my mom didn't answer. so i had no one to talk to on my way home. so i went to my last resort: JJ. he hates the phone. and got all huffy when i made him talk to me the whole way home.

as i was turning into spring creek, he complained, "uuuuh, are you almost home yet?!?!" i thought i would trick him and so i said, "no, i have a very long way to go still." then i quietly shut the door to my car and hung up the phone. i sprang to the door to open it wide and scream "SURPRISE!!!!" but it was locked, so instead i just kind of ran into it. then i jiggled the handle (it's what i always do to let JJ know it's me and that i'm home) and i heard him shout behind the door. i said, "uh, hello?" and he said, "NO! WHAT?!?! WHAT THE F&*$?!?!" so i put my key in the lock and opened the door. there he was, standing in a pseudo ninja position with his hands all cocked up and ready for battle. i said, "really? am i really that scary? i seroiusly scared you just now?" and he said, "well...there was a creepy van that drove by about an hour ago..." i said, "JJ you are worse than a paraniod old woman who lives alone with her cats, OMG!" he frowned and grumbled.

later i let Cleo out and ran back inside and said, "OHMYGOSH JJ THERE WAS A VAN OUT THERE!!! WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!?!?!?!" he said, "THERE IS?!?! OHMYGOD WHAT COLOR? WAS IT SORT OF REDDISH? THAT'S GOT TO BE THE SAME VAN, OHMYGOD. LOCK ALL THE DOORS RIGHT NOW L" ha ha ha gotchya you 12-year-old girl.

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  1. If i was JJ I would have pee'd. And you would not have been allowed in the bed.


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