Sunday, October 18, 2009

i love my job (positive smile)

i complain about my job hourly. but here are reasons why i love it:

Bob in 718 came down and stood in front of my desk. he looked at me and smiled and said, "it smells good upstairs..." i said, "that's because there are new vanilla air fresheners." and he said, "no no no, it's the fresh smell of marijuana." god dammit he's a gem. i love him.

sakudfiowfej OMG REASON WHY I HATE IT HERE: disgustingly scary housekeeper just now came in from her smoke break complaining that taco bell is too expensive and she's broke. as we all know, cigarettes are a cheap life investment.

back to reasons why i love it here...

Otto in 739 just passed by (he has a walker and goes sooo snail slow. so we end up chatting for like 5 minutes while he trudges along past my desk) and said, "good morning L, you always look so nice. you're just beautiful." mind you, i'm wearing a navy blue tshirt and khakis, not my proudest of outfits. and i last showered on thursday. AND I'M SICK (typical that i JUST used my sick days. i can handle a cold, but the H1N1 better not steal my thunder) anyway, i cannot imagine what he would do if i wowed him with a sequins dress and sky high heels. the man would lose his marbles! i would even go so far as to toot my own horn and say that the vision of me in an outfit like that might put a kick in his step. i think i will name my first born son after him.

HOLY SHIT SOMEONE PLEASE CUT OFF MY HEAD GLAMOROUSLY A LA ANNE BOLEYN. ANOTHER REASON I HATE IT HERE: Thais just called and recited verbatim an email we had both received.

do you see the problem? i can't even get through one blog about how lovely my job is without something happening which makes me hate everything.

i'm a celebrity get me out of here.


  1. over worked. over qualified. under paid. the story of our generation.

  2. I will happily trade w/ you LG.
    I would love to have charming old men tell me about how fabulous i am daily....instead of i hate the world financial advisors telling me how horrible i am

  3. Liz, what if you started another blog devoted to the residents with little gems like these that you provided to their progeny - non grata at first. Sans the funniest part about the DSH - tres wry -of course]. Their boomer kids would love it! See where it takes you. Bob and Otto are a hoot!


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