Monday, October 12, 2009

JJ and the ice cream cake

last night we had a craving for dessert. so JJ went to the grocery store and picked up an ice cream cake. it was so delish. it was chocolate and mocha flavored. with whipped cream on top. and we watched an old favorite: good ol Chevy in the classic Vacation. "personally i'd rather see a pile of mud that eddie"..."she's not fine clark, she's dead!"....."clark, tell rusty to behave himself"..."rusty, behave yourself." there's so many good lines. anyway, it was the perfect sunday night.


this morning i went into the fridge to get my sandwich making things (i.e. cheese, mayo, mustard) and breathed inwardly very loudly. for there, right before my eyes, the ice cream cake was melted all over everything. i mean. it was everywhere. all over the water bottles, all over the asparagus, all over the yogurt, all over the pickle jar. and it was dripping menacingly close to the cheese.

"JJ YOU IDIOT ICE CREAM CAKES CAN'T GO IN THE FRIDGE THEY'RE MADE OUT OF ICE CREAM," i yelled. he came into the room huffing and cussing and without any pants. i was tres annoyed. upon closer inspection, i also realized that my smart wonderful husband threw away the tray for the cake. so the cake was simply sitting on that round piece of cardboard, you know? so it was even more messy. so i said, "WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU THROW THE TRAY AWAY?" and the pantless, and therefore non-threatening JJ roared back, "JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME CLEAN UP THE CAKE"

and then my mom called and i went out the door to work, the sounds of JJ's troubles fading away.

i texted JJ later, "i'm sorry about this morning with the cake, i love you. can you feed cleo? i forgot." and he said, "ya"

i think he's mad at me.


  1. ice cream cake is delish. my favorite. a cleaner fridge is always good. you probably had to clean it anyway. he's more mad at himself than you blowing up at him. write him a note.


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