Monday, October 19, 2009

just another day with my delightful coworkers

HOT EATS! COOL TREATS! at dairy queeeeeeeeen! remember that one? for some reason it's stuck in my head today.

i kind of think that if i didn't work here i wouldn't have any good blogs. seriously.

today is the last day of the year in which my bare legs show in Washington. au revior, sun.

i walked into work today and the construction coordinator is telling his newly hired seasonal painters, "now, if you start coughing, you'll have to wear a mask because of all this bird flu going around." just please turn on the news one night of your life or pick up a damn newspaper. BIRD FLU. really?

at 7:57 am on Mondays, there is a guy in maintenance that walks by my desk to drop his two netflix movies in the box. by the looks of this guy, the movies are probably 1980's box office fails. depending on what i'm wearing, he makes a comment. he just takes whatever shirt i have on and adds a "y" on the end. on the day i wore my favorite butterfly blouse he said "you're looking very butterfly-y today!" and i was like "ha ha, yes, yes i am." but one day i was just wearing a purple shirt. just purple. nothing crazy about it. he says, "WOW! you're looking very purple-y today" OK GUY CALM DOWN. IT'S A PURPLE SHIRT. today i am wearing a long sleeved plaid dress, so he said, "well you're looking very plaid-y today! heh heh" like he's so creative. next Monday i'm going to be all "OH, WELL YOU'RE LOOKING VERY DOUCHE-Y TODAY!"

today is also "Halloween Decoration Day" at work. it basically means that if you are the head of any department here at RW, it is your duty to walk by my desk all bundled up (even though it's not even that cold outside) with your chin in the air like a pompous ass, trying to look important while holding a handful of stuffed pumpkins and a scarecrow. and GOD FORBID ye to have a smile. because OBVIOUSLY it is vital business arranging hay bales and gourds. they are all outside like soldiers of the decorating army. all serious faced with furrowed brows and flat-lined mouths. like if i was in the decorating committee i would run out there in a witch costume, cackling with glee, throwing leaves around and maybe i would have a bottle of rum to share. I MEAN COME ON HALLOWEEN IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN.

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  1. cackling with glee! hahaha i love it! and pompous is like my all time favorite description of people who think they're important.


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