Monday, October 12, 2009

musings and life lessons from S

the little boy i babysit S is 4, so naturally he knows everything about everything. and i just let him think he's right about it all.

the other day we were having chicken noodle soup for lunch, and he was pondering the facts of life when he asks, "what's your mailman's name?" and i said, "i don't know, what's your mailman's name?" he responds nonchalantly, "Clifford." i look at him and laugh, knowing that is 99% false. i say, "CLIFFORD? where on earth did you come up with that name?" he (quick as a whip) says, "i didn't come up with that name, his parents did."

yesterday we were at the park and he was donning his new polar fleece sweatpants. they are a little too big, so he was running around while holding them up. i said jokingly, "S, i think those pants are soooo cool, but they're a little big, do you think i could fit into them?" he was not amused by my joke and said, "no. you have order them in your old are you again?" i said, "23." "ok, well you need to order them in a size 23 then." size 23. ooooook S. "oh ok, that's what size i am? wow! thanks S!"

we were also planning a pirate quest the other day. S said, "why are some pirates bad?" i said, "well, some pirates are bad because they steal." he told me, "well then the good pirates are run by God and those pirates that steal are run by the level, because he is bad too." (the level=the devil) "wow, i said, i didn't know that! thanks S." he smiled triumphantly.

it's much more fun to play along with him, rather than correct him because he totally thinks he's right.

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