Saturday, October 3, 2009

the olden days

yesterday went a little something like this:

my sister CA came into town on Thursday, and Friday morning we hung out and moseyed around...but she left me at 1 pm to go hang out with her boyfriend. and JJ had to work a hockey game. i was supposed to go for drinks and to the game with JJ's coworker's wife, but she had to work. so i was alllllll alone.

now, normally, i wouldn't have minded, but i was without phone (it died for reals) and without friend. only the internet and tv to get me by...i was practically like Laura Ingalls Wilder. so i sat in bed all day and night, watching stupid things. then i took a shower at 9:30 pm out of sheer boredom.

and this morning i had to get up at 3:30 to take JJ to the airport because he gets to be in California for the weekend. and Sam, LJ, KitKat and KKiss all get to hang out next weekend. and Rah and Nebular are busy celebrating their 9 year anniversary. and Moon, The Black Dahlia and Barth are all together in NYC. and so i just decided to have a pity party for myself because i am working. all alone in this world.

doesn't anyone feel bad for me???????


  1. You bet your sweet bippy I do! How sad to be young, blonde, thin, gorgeous -- you don't have to be alone to feel blue about that! GIVE ME A BREAK #F%*&@KKff! Dear girl, if you cannot spend one night alone, can you sympathize with the wives of the soldiers and Marines serving in Iraq and Afghanistn? As Dot is wont to say: TOUGHEN UP!" But I love you nonetheless...
    By the way, my word to type is "oution" -- is that a large convention of formerly closeted gays who are going to get on their cell phones and call their parents with the news?

  2. No, an "oution" is alitting is the soon to be arcane term refering to one exiting a Saturn, while "inion" is it's antonym.
    yes, i feel sorry for you liz. and Judy. Poor 'ol girl has to travel all over the exotic world and then a long-term hiatus on the leeward of Oahu.


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