Monday, October 19, 2009


JJ and i carved pumpkins tonight.

tonight was also the night the Dodgers lost.

not a good combo.

JJ was all cocky this evening as he strolled around the MH. "oh L, just you wait. i'm going to kick your ass in pumpkin carving. they're going to call me to participate in competitions." i just looked at him with one eyebrow raised. "well, we'll see about that."

i cut the top off his pumpkin and gutted it. because HE DIDN'T KNOW HOW.

i chose a modest but perfect spider. freehanded it obviously.

JJ chose to trace the intricate Kings Hockey crown right onto his pumpkin. he starts to carve and i said, "ooh, be careful there honey, think about what you're carving." he says, "i know what i'm doing be quiet."

then it's silent aside from the sounds of vigorous carving.

"GOD DAMMIT!" he said. "what?" i said. "i messed it up," he said. "i knew you were going to, you should have listened to me," i said.

i look at his "crown" and the elaborate drawing he spent so long creating is laying on the table in one chunk. so basically all he did was carve the basic shape of a crown. you know, the three-pronged one that a blind person could draw?

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" i said, "you just spent all that time drawing the crown's details and you just cut it all out." "you're a jerk," he said. "why don't you just do something easy like a ghost on the other side," i said. "FINE," he said.

then the Dodgers choked and he threw his hat on the ground. "i hate pumpkin carving," he said. "oh? i thought you were going to be the world champion," i said. "UGHHLLGHGHHGGHGGG," he said.

he carved with spite until he was finished.

here are the pumpkins:

JJ's is the one that doesn't look like anything at all. mine is the picture perfect spider.


  1. pretty sure brynn's pumpkin is more coherent than JJ's. wtf is that?!

  2. a "ghost" haaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaahah

  3. ahahaahhaha. you win. last year we had a similar competition and Chris googled pumpkin carvings! wtf?! I tried to explain that is definitely cheating!! and he still brags about how amazing his haunetd house was.

  4. Well your pooch is looking a lot more scared peeking at his work of art...and that is the idea after all. I vote for the dude's gourd. He wins!

  5. I see the ghost! Although your spider is still better, sorry Jeremy!


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