Friday, October 9, 2009

the reason i never drink whiskey anymore.

i was so lucky when i turned 21. i had two 21 runs. one with KitKat, KKiss, LJ, Sam and Rah....also with DD cousin Brett. (see below) and the other with some great college pals. including Moon who rented a limo for the evening. a limo to drive to the one and only Big Al's Country Barn.

the first 21 run was on my real birthday July 29. i wore a tutu and a smile. and after that last AMF, it was time to call it a night.

the second 21 run was the weekend after. so basically i was still recovering from the first one when it was time to hunker down in some cowboy gear and go out again.

the evening was great! a little bit o barn dancin, some keg racin, aaaaand a free shot...

you see, i have never been good at taking shots. (except for that one weekend i had duck farts and broke my nose...also a WSU occasion). i always go to take it, then wimp out and can't swallow. and my cheeks fill up with the nasty alcohol. then when i eventually end up gulping it down, i gag horridly. i just lose.

but you never want to look stupid by denying a shot. or a beer bong for that matter (as a sophomore at GU, two friends of mine made a homemade beer bong. i did one. then they talked me into doing another. i said no, but peer pressure is daunting, eh? i ended up barfing the entire second beer on my friend's bath towel before the alcohol even entered my blood stream. so it was sober barf. and it was awkward. and i felt so stupid. and it was like 9 pm. anyway, i bought him a new bath towel).

so back to my second 21 run. apparently it's tradition at Big Al's that when one turns 21, they get a free shot. of whiskey. oh excuse me, make that a DOUBLE SHOT of whiskey that had been WARMED UP. like it was hot. hot like coffee. i mean, i'm not an effing cowboy. like i can't just shoot a double whiskey warm. but nevertheless, my peers coaxed me on stage (yes, stage) and all of Idaho's finest crowded around to watch me. i did a nervous half smile, but the shouts of encouragement got me going...and i lifted the double shot of death, screamed "YEAHHHHH!!!" and downed it. i'd like to say i then smashed the shotglass under my cowboy boot, but in reality i just sort of dropped it and walked straight outside the barn.

me on stage.

i could hear the crowd cheering. what a triumphant moment. my friend Hersh followed me outside and he asked if i was ok. not 12 seconds after my moment, the warm whiskey made it's way back up. and onto Hersh's shoes. jklfdlsdljll "really? on my shoes L?!" he said. "oy...i feel much better. do you think anyone saw that? i mean, that was a pretty sweet moment up until just now," i said. "you have a little....right there around your mouth L," Hersh said. "oh, yes, thank you. sorry about your shoes by the way. i guess they took one for the team."

he wasn't really that amused. but since it was my birthday he promised not to tell anyone about the "incident." it's all about appearances. (that's me and Hersh below)

everything continued to be so great after that. until Moon made me ride the bull with her. we were both wearing dresses. and i laughed so hard i accidentally peed a little on her leg. strike 2.

that's me whispering in Moon's ear that "yes, i just peed a little, please don't say anything i'm so embarrassed."

we didn't stay long enough for strike 3 to happen, but we did acquire bumper stickers that read, "what happens at Big Al's, stays at Big Al's." couldn't have said it better myself.


  1. I think everyone ends up on stage on their 21st least you didn't sing mariah carey.

  2. I wonder what will happen on my 21 run.....4 months after my actual birthday.......

  3. well i won't make you take a double shot of warm whiskey. that's for sure.

  4. Im going to start calling you "Spitter #2"

  5. and yes, its really me this time :)

  6. thanks for the pics. funny. i went w/ friends to Weber's Bar and Grill in Salem [i.e. downtown from camp Willamette]. There they serve the newts one Long Island Iced Tea in a ginormous martini class. I could only finish 4/5ths before I essentially blacked out 'til the next day. I think Big Al's was more memorable.

  7. this is a lie... whiskey sours. fast eddies.



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