Sunday, November 1, 2009

adult halloween

last night was fun! Rah and i made our own butternut squash ravioli and sangria! before any of it started though, i slipped on my own socks and fell onto my back on the hardwood floor and Rah stepped in dog pee. we knew it was going to be a long night.

this is how it went:

2. quickly wipe off squash from fingers.
3. (take turns doing this): grab dogs, one under each arm (made mistake the first time, Cleo ran outside and i had to chase after her in sparkle shorts and thigh high socks. garnered bemused looks from unsuspecting parents)
4. snatch candy bowl
5. open door and catch the children walking away and say "wait wait wait, here you go, some candy for you, dears."
6. slam door and take gulp of sangria.
7. rinse and repeat.

except once. once when we opened the door there were 5 14-year-old boys standing on the doorstep wearing jeans and sweatshirts, holding out pillowcases for loot. LIKE WTF?!?! you're not even in costume. little shistes. we gave them candy nonetheless and went back to our business in the kitchen.

2 minutes later...

same boys.
young boy: "can we, uh, get a picture with you guys?"
Rah: "uh, we're married. this is weird." (i whisper "OHMYGOD RAH hahahahjahhAHAHAH")
young boy: "come on, please."
Rah: "oh, all right, just one, now hurry."
young boy whips out camera phone. another young fat boy pushes everyone out of his way to get the prize-winning spot right next to Rah's boob.
Rah: "OK now, see you later."
young boys in unison: "YOU GUYS ARE HOT" (run away)


Rah: "lets just not talk about it"

we ate dinner, drank the 'gria and changed into costume. tried to have a dance party via Rah's ipod, but couldn't get into the groove. sat around watching Taylor Swift on youtube until JJ arrived from a long night at work.

(aren't we regal)

the four of us (me, JJ, Rah and Nebular) played Taboo (and of course the girls won, because only the two of us can do it like this: Rah says "ooh, ooh, "we both have some. they're really cute, and wintery but kind of weird..." and i shout "EARMUFFFFFFFS!!!!!") the boys were incredulous with us at first, but in the end, were quite impressed with our skills.

JJ and i went home after a long night and were just climbing into bed when we hear Chanel coughing...followed by a cantaloupe-sized hairball and 12 ounces of bile. right on the bed. happy halloween!

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