Monday, November 23, 2009

The Buffer Seat

JJ and i have an annoyance for anyone who doesn't respect "The Buffer Seat" rule. for instance. in the airport. waiting in your terminal. you never sit in the seat directly next to someone. you leave AT LEAST one seat between you. it's common courtesy.

JJ says the same rule applies to the men's room. buffer urinal. he claims it's just plain weird when a guy walks up to the urinal right next to you. personally i don't understand why men don't have personal stalls like women. they just walk up to the urinal and whip out their ding dongs like it's no big deal. so why would the buffer urinal rule apply if everyone's ding dong is already out and about? everyone sees everyone else's, even WITH the buffer urinal. soooo i don't really agree with JJ on that one.

but we both agree on "The Buffer Seat" rule in the movie theater. the only exception to the rule is if it's a blockbuster on opening weekend. like when JJ and i went to see New Moon. we allowed the buffer seat rule to be broken for a family of 6 who needed the seats next to me. HOWEVER, we did not think it was acceptable for the couple who walked in 7 minutes late to occupy the buffer seat next to JJ.

do you respect the rule? or are you a buffer seat occupyer?

1 comment:

  1. i respect the rule. the only time it doesn't apply is on public transportation on a route that will inevitably get full so you break the rule and sit by a person in business attire rather than obey the rule and risk getting stuck next to a member of the indigent population that smells like a sour carcass.


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