Saturday, November 28, 2009

Career Quiz

in 8th grade, the year 2000, one of the required classes to take in school was called "Careers." we had to search the paper for a real job, pretend to get the job, then pretend-plan our entire life (i.e. find a place to live, have pets, go grocery shopping, find a husband/roommate etc.) we also took a Career Quiz. this was a quiz i will never forget. it asked a hundred questions about what i liked to do and what kind of things interested me. at the end, it makes suggestions on what career path one should take. the dorky boy next to me got "you should be a model! you like to be in the spotlight and love traveling." do you know what mine said? the thing told me i should be a hearse driver. A HEARSE DRIVER. perky, hyper, happy me, as a hearse driver. i mean is that even real? i remember staring at the computer screen like wtf? i am never doing that job. ever. EVER. and Dork Model Kid was all gloaty and shit like "ooh, that sucks, i got model. ha ha ha." i was like DORK KID YOU WILL NEVER IN YOUR LIFE BE A MODEL WITH THAT BONE STRUCTURE. turns out like everyone got Model. a few got professional sports player or doctor or vet. but i was definitely the only hearse driver.

i remember being mildly upset and bothered by the Hearse Driver answer. i kept trying to figure out which question i answered wrong. but i just couldn't figure out why the Career Quiz would plan out such a dismal fate for me. i have pushed that experience to the back of mine and can now laugh about it, but it still gets me. honestly, WHY WOULD IT EVER BE SUGGESTED THAT I BE A HURST DRIVER?! why?

flash forward to November 28, 2009. i am not a hearse driver, nor will i ever be. but i work in a retirement community. it dawned on me last night that maybe the Career Quiz wasn't so far off. i mean, i don't drive dead bodies, but i am surrounded by the elderly, many of whom are in the sunset of their lives, some of whom have passed away. i am able to be compassionate to the families who lose their loved ones, and i am surrounded by the harsh reality of the circle of life on a weekly basis. i am not a hearse driver, but i am a Receptionist Extraordinaire at a Retirement Community. close enough...right?

*disclaimer: Receptionist Extraordinaire at a Retirement Community is not my career. just my current source of income. my new plan is to get my master's degree in teaching within the next few years.

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  1. WTF, teaching? I thought you were going to write novels thinly disguised about our amazing family ande make a bundle, Have you never heard of Nora Roberts?:?? Get real and get typing about the ditzy blond and the old geezers...

    Did you know I have matioxis?


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