Monday, November 2, 2009

email communication at its worst

as managing editor of the RW employee newsletter, i compile creative articles that contain relevant information that will catch the average readers' interest. one of the said articles was about email communication. i read it. it held my interest and seemed like appropriate information for my coworkers. i also THOUGHT i learned something.

so RW asked me to come in for some extra hours to do data entry into a new program that holds all the residents' medical records. FOR SOME ASININE REASON I ACCEPTED. wtf is wrong with me? SERIOUSLY.

well of course i regretted my decision almost immediately. i already have two jobs. and my mom is coming next tuesday. and i'm going to Santa Barbara next thursday. and i have jazzercise class. and laundry.

so i constructed this email this morning to send to the woman who i was supposed to meet with today at 1:30 to help with the data entry. she works in the same building as me but i have never met her. so i wonder if she even knows who i am. i sure as hell don't know who she is...


I’m so very sorry, but I won’t be able to help with the KeaneCare data entry. I have another part-time job outside of Rockwood that, I just found out yesterday, is going to prove to be quite demanding these next few weeks. My husband and I also have house guests coming in a few days, and in addition, we’ll be going out of town next week; things are rather crazy for me right now. I thought I would be able to help you out, but I just put too much on my plate! Again, I’m terribly sorry, but looking forward to the success of the new program.


(notice how i capitalize my "i's" in formal emails?? tres professional) i sent it. no reply as of yet. i wonder if she's mad at me.

also, after i thought i had perfected the email, i re-read it after i sent it. OHMYGOD MY "PART-TIME JOB" SEEMS LIKE SEASONAL STRIPPER. read it. "my other part-time job is going to prove to be quite demanding these next few weeks." i mean, why did i have to be so elusive about it? i could have easily said, "IMA GONNA BE A WORKIN A SHITLOAD AS A BABYSITTER THESE NEXT FEW WEEKS" but instead, i learn nothing from the email communication article and Christine now thinks i am a slut on stage in a revealing pilgrim costume with dollar bills sticking out of my fanny.

i took that damn article out of the employee newsletter. and in its place, i think i will put a giant ad that reads, "I AM NOT A STRIPPER, I AM SIMPLY A BABYSITTER WITH NO HIDDEN AGENDA."

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