Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"my" surprise

when i got home from Santa Barbara, JJ was waiting for me with Cleo in the front seat. he said to me, "i have a surprise for you at home!" i pictured a bouquet of flowers, a pack of skittles, or dare i say it--a clean house! i was excited the whole way home.

i walked in the door and saw them: the 2 brand new speakers sitting on either side of the TV. i rolled my eyes. i mean, what can you do? he's been wanting them for months. and he had a wonderful month in commissions. you just gotta let the man have his damn speakers.

so i did the half smile and was like OH GREAT. WHAT A GREAT SURPRISE. NEW SPEAKERS. I ALWAYS WANTED NEW SPEAKERS. and he was like NO NO NO WAIT FOR IT L!

so i waited.

he twiddled something on his computer, and Taylor Swift's Christmas album comes blaring through the new speakers.

so basically he wanted to ease me into his new purchase by making it a "gift" for me.

i smiled and gave him a kiss and said, "you are so wonderful. you know just what i like."


  1. at least it wasn't a cleo pile. i was recently guilty of the same offense. tess called me out on it. i denied it of course.

  2. a large piece of fine art. i also buy my own xmas presents [tools usually - tabls saw this year!]

  3. a large piece of "fine art"



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