Saturday, November 7, 2009

Name Tag

we got new name tags at work. i hate hate hate hate hate hate hate name tags. like if you want to know my name, ask me. plus i have one of those things at the front of my desk that has my name displayed in size 72 font for all to see. why do i need to wear a name tag on my shirt when it is clearly visible!?!?! our old name tags had our pictures on them. i look like an 8th grader who just got kissed for the first time because i'm blushing and smiling weird and my eyes are all wide. AND my roots are so bad in the photo i can't stand to look at it. i have worn mine only twice.

some of the people who have been working here for 20+ years still have the photo that was taken of them in 1986. (in other words, the year i born) everyone is frozen in time. everyone has stupid hair and stupid blue eye shadow and stupid moustaches. and sometimes i ask an employee over to my desk just so i can get a closer look at the incrminating photograph displayed on their chest. the funniest part is that they aren't even ashamed of the picture because "i was so much younger back then" except for they all look so STUPID! like OMG PEOPLE THIS ISN'T A SET FOR SIXTEEN CANDLES, GET WITH THE TIMES. so what, you traded in your permed mullet for thinner hair and a few wrinkles, BETTER FOR YOU! (except we all know that one of my coworkers still self-rightously wears the ol mullerooski) i just hope i'm not like that one day. picture it, it's 2042, and there i am, stuck in 2009 with my straight shoulder-length blonde hair, wearing a pencil skirt and white collared shirt, my makeup consisting of natural-looking mascara, lip gloss and blush. oh, the horror.

our new name tags are rounded, with a picture of our new emblem. our names and titles are below, and we are now required by HR to wear them everyday. so now i have to deal with this horrible round thing made of cheap plastic ruining my outfits. and they used my maiden name. and now i can't laugh at everyone else's picture from 1986. and the worst part is that it just says "receptionist" under my name, not "receptionist extraordinaire"


  1. you say maiden name like you've been married for years. i'd complain about that though.

  2. Well at least your not still wearing your college years in yours


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