Saturday, November 7, 2009

Party Trick

i have always been envious of those with a Party Trick. for instance, Cameron Diaz's character in "What Happens in Vegas" cuts the top of a champagne bottle with a knife. one of my roommates senior year, P is able to recite every word in the song "Ice Ice Baby" Moon can take a shot faster than anyone i know with her guzzling abilities, and Sam is able to do the splits.

i've thought and thought about the things that make me cool. and all i could come up with is my loud personality, ability to last 4+ days without a shower, and a love for all things Jim Carrey. those don't work. i had given up on my Party Trick Quest months ago, until last night...

my sister-in-law SHG is a high school English teacher, and while she was grading mid-terms, she had a laugh. her facebook status read "grading literature papers...'Beowulf is a piece of Anglo-Saxon litter.' thanks spell check." i laughed. then i was promted to think about the ENTIRE COURSE in college i took on Beowulf and Beowulf alone (the movie also conveniently came out during this semester. RedG and i went, didn't love it, but didn't hate it) i thought about how now, in retrospect, i really did grow to enjoy the class and actually consider it to be one of my favorites and most memorable. i thought about how everyone laughed during my presentation when i said "i found it interesting that in the Old English version of 'Beowulf,' the word 'wæpen' (pronounced 'way-pen') means both 'weapon' and 'penis'." i thought about how shocked i was at the amount of information i had learned at the end of the class, especially that-----OHMYGHOD I HAVE A PARTY TRICK

see below.

it's The Lord's Prayer in Old English. i am soooooooooo COOL.

did you check out my new tank top? I AM SO BLOGGING THIS


  1. OMG hahahaha!! if that's your party trick you better be able to do it whilst under the influence. practice makes perfect. LOVE the tank.

  2. I'm crying!!!!
    Honey, that's really impressive, but it's not on par with Cameron Diaz's party trick. In fact, maybe you should think, "WWCD?" (What Would Cameron Do?) when trying to come up with a new, better party trick. If Cameron would do it, then it's party-trick worthy!

  3. dear mom,

    you're an asshole. my party trick rules. RULES!

  4. Why are you yelling the lords prayer? seems rude to me...
    ps... hahaha

  5. Ignore Kiki -- she has no feel for - olde English. "Wan that Aprila in a soura sota..." I think this is the best party trick ever, esp. if you want the party to end! Can't wait to nsee you in December!

  6. it's cool that you can say that I guess, but out of 10 i'd give it a 4.5. I do not have a party trick of my own, seeing as how I do not party, but I can say the french alphabet, I can do a roundoff very well (last time I checked), and I can pop a bone in and out of my upper chest (like right below the neck). Keep brainstorming, I'm sure you'll find SOMETHING cool about you! :) teehee have fun love you!


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