Saturday, November 28, 2009


since i told JJ that neither of us were getting flu/swine flu shots this season, we have been on Emergen-C like a bum on crack. we are doing pretty well, aside from little colds. last week JJ had one. he would sit up in the middle of the night and blow a bazooka horn in my ear, aka blow his nose. because he would startle me in an unpleasant way circa 3 a.m. each night, i in return, would charge him one doughnut in the morning for ruining my sleep.

well, on Thanksgiving, JJ gave me the cold. (by the way...i am thankful for my family, friends, wonderful husband, blog readers and for stretch pants) and since we were at my parents' house, i naturally left used tissues all over. my secret spot was inside a blue vase in the living room. my dad found the stash as i was driving back to Spoke and he called to reprimand me. hahahhaah. and a hilarious moment occured between me and my Uncle M. it was one of those moments that is rare but so perfect that you'd think it was coreographed. as Uncle M was reaching his arm up to put it around my aunt's shoulder, his right index and middle fingers collided with my face and he unmeaningly swiped the two fingers right under my dripping nose, catching a nice strip of green snot. he screamed like a girl and ran to the bathroom. i laughed.

anyway, since i was sick, i made my dad come with my to the grocery store to buy doughnuts. delish.

then this morning i woke up and was exxxtra nice to JJ and asked him in such a sweet voice, "darling hubby of mine, will you go to the store and get me a doughnut?" and he did! i love him.

i'm wondering if there is really a connection between sickness and doughnuts or if i'm really just being a fatass.

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