Saturday, November 7, 2009


just a few things in my life right now i thought you should be aware of:

i woke up today feeling pangs in my stomach. not sure if they were from the abdominal workout in jazzercise yesterday morning or from the 3 enchiladas i ate last night for dinner. THREE. i think it's a combination of both.

it is also BUTTERNUT SQUASH RAVIOLI SEASON AT COSTCO! if you think i eat 7 of them for lunch everyday, you're right.

in other news, something terrible happened on wednesday when i was unloading the dishwasher. you know when you're unloading and you leave every cupbaord open so you don't have to keep opening and closing while putting everything away? well i forgot to close that ONE GOD DAMN CUPBOARD and i RAN INTO IT. with my head. it hit me so hard i fell on the ground and i writhed around in pain for 3 minutes screaming. the bruise is covered nicely by my bangs. but i'm just so mad at myself for being so stupid and careless. BUT YOU ALL KNOW--it could be worse--i could have slammed my finger in the car door again. YOINKS! (shaggy from scooby doo says that)

i tried to downsize and clean out my closet yesterday, but in the end i realized i was missing a few KEY WARDROBE STAPLES and so i made a list of new items i need. that's the epitomy of frivolity i think.

i taught the kids i babysit for how to play crazy 8s. S and i got so into it, we played 32 straight games. 32! we were so in the zone. card sharks, if you will. i wanted to give him a little bit of confidence, so i let him win some games, and so there we were, S with 25 games won and i with a mere 7. he decides then to declare, "loser bakes winner cookies." bafdssdfaiuhsfdakj. YOU SWINDLED ME INTO LETTING YOU WIN SO YOU COULD GET FREE COOKIES OUT OF THE DEAL. whatevs. i made peanut butter blossoms and ate about 14 before i brought them to him. i bowed in front of him and said, "to the Crazy 8 Champion, i honor thee."

WARNING: Azteca's macho margaritas now only have 1/8 of a shot of tequila in them.

Cleo has finally learned how to get onto the bed without asking us. only took her a year. she jumps onto the chair then onto the bed instead of coming to my side of the bed and staring up at me, waiting to be picked up like a queen and placed on her throne.

and so i'm going to end this in an Al Roaker sort of way by asking, "what's happening in your neck of the woods?"

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  1. this is why we MUST go to elcap for a real margarita.


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