Monday, December 7, 2009

The Blackout

last night, while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the worst possible time...right when cedric diggory gets killed by Voldemort...THE POWER WENT OUT. just out. black. black everything. the first thing i said was "HOLY SHIT DID WE PAY THE POWER BILL?!?!?" JJ assured me it had been taken care of, but he was totally panicked, as were Cleo and Chanel. and you'll never guess what i was doing when the power went out. WRAPPING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. i mean, really? couldn't the power have waited 15 more minutes?? there was paper, tape ribbon and scissors all around me. so while my family freaked out, i kept my focus on finishing the wrapping with the light from the 36% power i had left on my computer.

my phone was dead. the fridge was out. the house was PITCH BLACK! JJ and the neighbors all ran outside to make sure it wasn't just them. it was quite a sight. almost creepy. it was SO DARK. and my worst enemy besides PN, The Gate, was stuck closed because of the power! so people who were coming home had to park their cars and find their way to their houses. some neighbors totally freaked out and tried to speed off in their cars, but they too, were stuck because of the gate. we were all trapped. TRAPPED!

so we lit all the candles and sat in bed chatting. i suggested ghost stories, but i think JJ was too frightened. then it started to get really cold, since it was 0 degrees out and the heater was not working. so we snuggled up real tight in sweats and nestled under the covers. then JJ decided to get all brave and noble said to me, "give me the flashlight so i can have some sort of control. i'll take care of you." so i handed him the flashlight. which is a very manly flashlight. white with pink trim and hello kitty on it. "gee, i feel quite safe with you and hello kitty," i said.

then, out of boredom, we just started staring at each other. i noticed how dry and crackly JJ's lips were--and his hands! so i moisturized him while we discussed the need for a humidifier. first i did his lips with Victoria's secret beauty nighttime gloss, then his hands with peach hand cream. he smelled very nice and his lips were shining and healthy looking. i thought about maybe asking him if i could paint his toenails, but then changed my mind because that might have been going overboard.

we finally fell asleep around 11, and at 2 am, the power came back on. and of course all the lights and the TV and the christmas lights and tree came back on too since it was only 9 when the power went out. JJ shot up from bed and shouted, "WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?!?!?!?" i told him the power came back on. "WHAT?! WHY?! WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" he said. "JJ GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED AND TURN OFF THE LIGHTS!" "WHY DID YOU TURN THEM ON?" "I DIDN'T TURN THEM ON! THEY CAME BACK ON WITH THE POWERRRR!!! TURN THEM OFF!" so the back and forth questions and demands continued in the wee hour of the morning until JJ finally woke up fully and realized what was going on. he jumped out of bed and turned off the lights and we went back to bed.

this morning i woke up and discovered that a tree fell over in the windstorm last night and 2,000 houses were out of power. how horrid. so this morning i was so thankful for heat and computer power and my phone and for JJ's soft hands and lips. what more could a girl ask for?


  1. i love the way he protects you i.e. the hockey stick and flash light. so sweet!

  2. isn't he a keeper?

    ...your bf has real weapons like a gun and a tazer (taser? sp?) and a badge. you're REALLY safe.


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