Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Bonus

i got a Chrsitmas Bonus. actually 2 Christmas Bonuses. but combined they equal one Giant Christmas BONUS. way better than Clark Griswold's certificate to the jelly of the month club.

i will tell you what i spent every last dime of my Giant Christmas Bonus on: it starts with "G" and ends with PERFECTION!!!!


wait for it....


A NEW GUCCI BAG! literally 30 minutes after i got my Giant Christmas Bonus i ordered my Gucci. and it is all mine. mine. mine. mine. i pick it up at the UPS store on Monday. and i'm so excited i could pee. PEE MY PANTS.

when i told JJ what i got he kind of just looked at me crazy-like. but then i kindly reminded him of the small fortune he spent on his hockey gear. he said "BUT i use that alllll the time" and i was like "no you don't. you don't use it in the summer. i will literally use mine every single damn day of my life. every season. every day. forever. because it is Gucci and nothing is better than Gucci" (except for maybe eating a bag of chips in bed).

and so, my friends, you all may have wonderful jobs and wonderful schooling and wonderful everything in life. but i have Gucci. i worked my ass off this last year and i deserve every thread of the Gucci. every moment of wiping poop (babysitting), and enduring weekends behind a desk doing absolutely nothing (RW) and tolerating verbal abuse (babysitting AND RW) has brought me to this fate. the fate, until a week ago, that i could have only dreamt about.

i might even go so far in saying: I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY JOBS

this is it:

isn't she bee-yoo-ti-full?

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