Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Decor

RW has recently revamped the place. we have new decor that consists of a lot of fake plants and textured wallpaper. basically PN and the Big Fat And Rude Activities Coordinator picked the interior designer and he totally sucks.

like, in every lobby on each of the 7 floors, there's a table with these giant balls in a bowl. and the giant balls of crap that probably cost $15 a pop look like giant balls of weed. maybe i should steal a few and try selling them on the street to make a buck or two.

the artwork on the walls look exactly like my walls did after Chanel swiped them with diarrhea and the bird statue in the library really gives me the heebeejeebees.

BUT there is one realllllly great fabulous wonderful thing. that i love. love. love. love. forever. A NEW CHAIR in the library. it's my chair! my new chair! it is brown giant houndstooth with a blue pillow. and it's kooshy. and it replaced the wooden one i used to sit in while i ate my lunch. now i can snuggle up in this new chair and nibble away at my cheese sandwiches joyfully and just be happy forever. the chair is mine and i love it.

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