Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hand Cuts

i have 7 cuts on my hands. SEVEN. i look like i lost a thumb war to Edward Scissorhands.

here is how i got them:

1. top of right hand, at the base of the thumb: i reached into the junk drawer to get a pen and the letter opener poked through my skin.

2. top of right hand, near the wrist: CHANEL.

3. middle top of right hand: one long scrape from sharp edge on the medicine cabinet.

4. top of middle finger on right hand: deep gash from leaning over the counter to grab a bottle of water. my middle finger got caught on the cheap countertop lining that is peeling away from the wood.

5. pad of index finger on right hand: paper cut from an envelope at work.

6. left pinky finger knuckle: cold weather makes my skin dry. my knuckle cracked and bled. (note to self: buy moisturizer)

7. outer left pad of left index finger: while making homemade spaghetti sauce, can opener broke so i went all Popeye crazy and tried to open the can with my bare hands. sliced the finger badly. i prob have aluminum poisoning now.

i am adorning an assortment of band-aids: 1 spongebob, 1 neon green, 1 walgreens skin-colored, 1 pirate.

1 comment:

  1. Nice going. Charlie Ann's clumsy ways are finally rubbing off on you....


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