Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hawaiian JAMS

oooh, where did i leave off? oh yeah, packing. for hawaii.

10 minutes before landing in paradise JJ says to me on the plane, "L, you have a moustache." i mean. i hate him. it must have been the way the sunlight was catching my upper lip, no? in the end i trimmed my "moustache" with fingernail scissors.

our bags made it and my mom picked us up. and we totally got the best condo in the place--the suite! my mom's crazy (et al.) family was there to greet us with strong rum drinks and hugs. we beached, ate, drank, woke up at 4:30-5:00 am, (well, i did. and then jumped around yelling and annoying everyone else) JJ golfed, we went to church, and celebrated Mimi and Papa's 50th wedding anniversary (which started with an 8:30 am family pic by the beach. Uncle Spence said to them, "now set the example for everyone else and try to go one day in your lives without arguing." Papa looked at him right in the eye and said "too late.")

in total: Mimi, Papa, Uncle Spence, Walker, Winston, Noni, Mom, Dad, Me, JJ, Sisters M, CA, MM, Chase, Dot, Bob, Emily, Shad, Janie, Holly, Zoe. basically it was just completely crazy and fun at all times. except on the day when i got sunburned on my shins and Zoe got a bloody nose in the ocean. oh, and when MM went to the ER and PTFO from pain pills/shots. and who could forget when JJ lost his wedding ring in the sand for 5 minutes?

Mimi and Papa's xmas gift to everyone was an article of clothing from JAMS. check it out:

Chase (sister M's bf for those who don't know) and JJ got these matching bright orange JAMS bowling shirts with green collars and blue sleeves. on the back across the shoulders it says JAMS in black bold print, just in case the shirt itself wasn't loud enough. Chase was abnormally excited about his. but JJ was less than thrilled. on the last day he said, "i don't want this. i'm leaving it here." i said, "NO YOU'RE NOT MIMI WILL HAVE HURT FEELINGS." he said, "i don't want this. it doesn't fit in the suitcase." and i said, "you're packing the JAMS." and we went back and forth for a bit. he grabbed the JAMS shirt and walked away. and that was the end of it. or so i thought.

as we were cleaning the condo and packing up, my Mom did a walk-around to catch any items we might have missed, and in a lonely corner, all bunched up, lo and behold, there is JAMS. she proclaimed, "WHO FORGOT THEIR JAMS SHIRT?!?!?!" JJ turned red and feigned true and utterly delighted surprise and said, "OH!!!!! THERE IT IS!!!!" and we all died laughing.

Hawaii was wonderful and it was so great to catch up with the family (who are STILL THERE NO FAIR) Chase JJ and i all took the red eye back to the mainland. our JAMS nestled safely in our suitcases.


  1. also he brought it into our room, put it on top of my back pack and said "Christmas isn't over yet!" while I was out on the balcony. He thought I didn't see it.... haha


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