Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Heat Wave

yesterday was mine and JJ's 3 year dating anniversary! wowza! so we went out to dinner at a little delish place RIGHT by our house (Latah Bistro) which has 50% off any bottle of wine on Mondays (hell. yes.) so i got a bottle of SPARKLING RED WINE! it was so sooo yummy. JJ had 2 diet cokes. what a treat for both of us!

after dinner we went home and i got an email from LJ...which stemmed the 2-hour fun i had with Elf Yourself (see previous post). after the Elf Yourself joy, JJ and i were in the Elf Spirit and decided to watch Elf the movie. The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer Is Singing Loud For All to Hear! then JJ turned the heat up before bed. i was like "don't do that. we should turn it down before bed." he said, "L, i know what i'm doing, OK?! i put it at 62." i said, "no, you really don't." our heat is so crazy. if you move it 1/16 of a cemtimeter it changes the temperature by like 10 degrees. we keep it at 60 degrees, which is actually about 66. JJ said he put it at 62 which is like 70-75. i was like "OK WHATEVER DUDE. we dozed off with Elf playing in the background...

2 am: "OHMYGOD I'M DYING! I'M IN A MOTHERFUDGING INFERNO JJ!!!! WHAT THE HELLLLLLLL!??!?!?!?!" JJ lied. he put the heat at 65. which is like 80. that's hot for the SUMMER. and i was wearing my high school swim team sweatpants in bed, which, i'm 99% sure, are warmer than an eskimo's pants. i was literally pouring sweat. even Cleo had her tongue out and was panting. like seroiusly. so i made JJ get out of bed and fix his mistake. "I TOLD YOU 60 DEGREES IS WARM ENOUGHHHHH!" he just silently fixed his mistake, knowing very well how wrong he was. but that didn't solve anything. i screamed in agony from the heat wave in our MH in december. like really? there are homeless people freezing outside under the freeway, and here i am practically sunburt from the heat inside our home. so i growled and heavily leaped out of bed. i had to get up and open the door, letting the -7 degree weather hit my face. and let me tell you: WHAT A RELIEF!

so now the heat is at 60 degrees. because i am right. because i am always right.


  1. mmm. I love Latah Bistro. I had no idea about the 50% off Wine on Mondays! Thanks for the tip.

  2. oh my gosh. nothing is worse than waking to 6,000 million degrees in the home and sweat beads on the neck (and buttcrack from the sweatpants)

    i hate hate hate hate haaaaattttttteeeeee being too hot. i sleep better a little cooler.

  3. You were right because you are a WOMAN!

  4. Don't get too mad at JJ. When you're both in your 70's you'll want his Hades touch.

  5. You have a naturally high temperature i think. Because all those times on car rides to wherever, it really wasn't that hot, but you still shrieked and screamed when mom or dad rolled the windows up and locked them (because the rest of us were freeezzzing like normal people would be in 20 degree whether) !!!!


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