Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ladies Man

remember how i have to check on all the residents every morning to make sure they're alive? well today, Dick in 733 didn't check in, and he usually does. so i called his room. no answer. little nerval. when my bff Dee came down, i asked her if she saw Dick since they live like 5 apartments away from each other. she said no then told me a story about how she couldn't find a bra this morning (LOL).

i called the nurse to tell her about Dick being MIA. then 5 minutes later Dick himself comes out of the elevator following Dee. Dee had a firm grip on his polyester blend collared shirt and said, "look what i FOUND!!!!" and i said "oh Dick! there you are! i'm glad you're ok."

he said, "what? i didn't check in this morning?" i said, "yeah! and i called you, but you didn't answer." Dick said, "well, did you check all the ladies rooms? that's where you might have found me." then he stuck his finger in his mouth and touched it to his butt making a "tsssss" sound. Dee blushed. hahahahahahahahahahhhh still a ladies man at 80 years old.

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