Tuesday, December 15, 2009

lettuce & truffles

last night we had s&s (who met and fell in love at our wedding! how romantical!) over for drinks and dinner. i was busy wrapping presents--then cleaning the house--when JJ got home from hockey. i said, "dear sweet husband can you please go to the grocery store and get a ceasar-salad-in-a-bag and a bottle of champagne?" he said yes.

s&s arrived and i settled them in and we were chatting when JJ got home. he handed me the grocery bag...what's in it? a pack of gum and a bag of lettuce. "WHAT KIND OF SALAD DO YOU EXPECT ME TO MAKE WITH JUST PLAIN LETTUCE AND GUM?! AND WHERE'S THE BOOZE?!" he said, "oh. forgot." xdfiaisfjjlsdf

so we had delicious spaghetti and garlic bread and a "salad" (i.e. the lettuce with oil, vinegar and salt and pepper. it was so nasty.) and the bottle of peach schnapps for the bellinis was so lonely without the champagne. thank god s&s brought a bottle of wine!

for dessert, i had a bag of Lindor truffles. but JJ refused to serve them to s&s because i bought them at TJ Maxx and they had the price sticker on them. talk about SNOB. like, he's fine feeding the guests crap salad with no flavor but the delicious truffles get ousted? what is that?


  1. OMG dinner parties. you're a real live ADULT. is this what married life entails??

  2. Always write a list. It can save apes like us [unless we lose it]. I definitely wouldn't have forgotten champagne...i think.


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