Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Lost Things

why why WHY when we lose things, are they ALWAYS our favorite things?

example 1: my first pair of l.e.i. size 0 stretch bellbottom jeans. i loved these jeans. they were the only pair i had in 8th grade that fit me. i wore them literally every single day. in 8th grade i also was on the C squad basketball team (barf). the jeans got lost somewhere in the shuffle from school to 7-11 (for a pre-practice slurpee of course) and to the elementary school for practice (we had to use the elementary gym because there wasn't any room for the loser basketball players in the junior high gym) and then home. when i lost these jeans, i felt like i had lost a part of i didn't have any other pants that fit. it was a heartbreaking loss.

example 2: my favorite favorite favorite pirate shirt. it was grey and i got it for Christmas in my stocking from Santa. and it had a picture of a gnarly shipmate on it and it said "Pirates arrrr Cool." it was the best shirt ever. EVER!!!! and the last time i wore it, i took my Grandma to the pharmacy. then i wore it again the next day. that's how much i loved it. i still think that one of my 6 roommates in Big Blue senior year stole my favorite favorite favorite pirate shirt. it just disappeared one day from my closet. completely vanished. for nearly a year i blamed Moon, since the cave that was her room seemed to swallow anything and everything. she swore to me that it wasn't her, and even tried to look online to find a similar t-shirt to order for me. i have since bought many a pirate shirt...but none quite as endearing. to this day, a single tear rolls down my cheek, as i think fondly upon my favorite favorite favorite pirate shirt.

example 3: JUST ON THURSDAY: i was finishing up the last of my Christmas shopping at the mall, and Cleo was in my purse. i took off my best cream-colored cable knit scarf that is really really long and stuffed it in my purse with the dog. when i was driving home, i instinctively reached at my neck to loosen my scarf, when i realized it was gone. GONE. Cleo must have rearranged her position in my purse and knocked the scarf out. i'm almost positive that a passerby saw how great the scarf was, and full of Christmas Spite, and didn't stop me to give it back, but swiped the fallen scarf to have as her own. i went to target to try and buy a replacement...but to no avail. none were as long, as soft or as chic. when i told my mom she said, "that thing was dingy, it was time for it to go." rude. my fallen scarf has put a giant dent in my winter cheer.

what favorite thing have YOU lost?


  1. i didn't lose, rather someone blatantly stole, my "i'm not with stupid anymore" shirt that i LOVED soph year of college :(

    and in like 97 i lost my "Atlanta 1996" sweatshirt that my aunt bought me at the olympics when they were there. pissed me right off.

  2. LOUGH OUT LOUD about the olympics shirt.

    i can't believe someone stole your tshirt...could it have been your douchey roommate sophomore year?? (not KKiss, the other one)

  3. lets see...ive lost a ton of things to this giant hole in the center of the earth (bobby pins, numerous hair ties and chap stick) but the worst thing i lost in the past few years was my colorful bandana lucky zip up sweatshirt.... someone stole it and then lost it. booo.

  4. i had an excellent/warm north face type WSU jacket from homecoming my SR year. it was amazing, and it is gone. devastating.
    although i lose everything since my memory is horrible. im sure there are lost items i don't even know are gone. that's the worse part :(

  5. My lawn sneakers from the GAP in 7th grade (I think). And I'm constantly losing my debit card, id, etc.

  6. Maybe Santa will bring you an even cuter pirate shirt this year!

  7. Lola chews my favorite things up (or used to) before I have time to lose them. i.e. Tinker bell watch from Disney World (I kid you not, she ate the glass off the front not 3 days after we returned home), pink Oakley sunglasses (not to mention lucky pink Oakley sunglasses at that).


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