Friday, December 18, 2009

packing with the Hansens

packing is the worst. i really hate it. unpacking is better than packing. and on wednesday, the packing was extra rough.

it was extra rough because we don't want to pay for checked baggage. so JJ and i squeezed everything into carry-on suitcases. it took so long because he kept packing ugly things so i would replace the ugly things with nice things. then he would figure out what i did and yell at me and switch back. then i would yell that i don't want to look like i'm married to a hobo on our family vacation in hawaii NOR on Christmas with his family. and i would be all "JJ YOU WILL WEAR THIS CORAL SHIRT IN HAWAII AND YOU WILL LIKE IT." and he would say "UM NO F&*$ING WAY I'M WEARING THAT GAY SHIRT." and it was back and forth and back and forth. there was no way i was going to let him wear his stupid dodgers jersey to a nice dinner. and i wanted him to wear his nice golf shirts, not the white one that says USA HOCKEY on it. like, NO. NO NO NO.

and i had to plan my outfits day-by-day (SO HARD!) taking things out, putting things in, it was just hard work! and i don't know about you, but picking out the outfit to wear on the plane is the hardest part. because you don't want to look bad, but you want to be comfortable. finding The Perfect Plane Outfit takes time and effort. anyway, we finished. phewww. and JJ will be sporting the pink northface backpack filled with the gifts as his carry-on bag #2.

AND, finally JJ just gave up on the argument and let me pack for him. and let me tell you: there are NO dodger jerseys or USA hockey shirts. BUT, there IS a coral shirt. tee hee.


  1. packing is WAYYYY better than unpacking. without a doubt. i'd rather rip my big toenail off again than unpack.

  2. I sure like the sound of the dodger jersey [if JJ is anything more independent than a piece of your accessories].

  3. Buhhh I hate packing - and I always pack 'day by day' with each outfit in mind and in their own plastic bags (I'm real weird)--accessories in the bag too. HOWEVER, if there ever were anything worse than packing or picking The Perfect Plane Outfit (which, actually yours was quite nice, nice touch with the faux 'mina - told you!) it would DEFINITELY have to be leaking/running out of gas on the freeway only to get stranded less than a minute from the actual airport. My apologiesssssssssssss for the unreliable Saab!!!!!


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