Saturday, December 12, 2009

PN's Karma

on tuesday i was happily typing away on my computer while humming Christmas tunes, when all of a sudden i looked up and jumped three feet out of my chair in surprise and fear. the PN was staring at me with this horrid deviant smile. she was peering around the corner and looking up at me through her eyelashes. sort of like she had a crush on me, sort of like she wanted to kill me. i was like "WHOAAAA! YOU SCARED ME THERE!" and she laughed. and walked over to my desk and said, "i gotta project for ya hun." oh goodie. she whomped a giant stack of paper and blank name tags on my desk. and i stared at her. she was like "can you put these printed out name labels in the name tags?" i was like "yeah, but i have 2 death notices to take care of first." she was like "well they need to be done today." and walked away.

so there i was, cutting and gluing and stuffing name tags, muttering under my breath, when the CEO walks out to my desk. i immediately got nerval and sweaty and i straightened my posture and plastered a stupid smile on my face. he was like "hi, L! how ya doin there?" i was like "i think i have them about a quarter of the way finished." then he said, "actually, you look pretty busy out here, i think will take the rest of them." so he took everything and relieved me of the burden.

10 minutes later i walked into the administration office to do a very receptionisty duty (i.e. make copies) and i saw The Single Most Awesome Thing Ever: the PN was sitting all squatty-like at her desk with a giant frown on her face...and SHE WAS CUTTING AND GLUING AND STUFFING NAMETAGS! the CEO made her do it herself. hadfahahhahahahaha. i looked at her and i said, "oh, now you're doing them, eh?" she said, "ooooh, don't even get me started." i walked away giggling with glee.


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  1. wow... what a glorious moment. I would have had a spring in my step for the rest of the day...


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